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H5N6 Bird Flu At Its Peak: Another Chinese Woman Dies

Bird Flu epidemic is again roaring with its complete ferocity. Recently Health authorities of Southern China revealed some shocking news regarding the spread of this epidemic. According to the latest developments, a Chinese woman died of this epidemic. The woman was only 26 years old and died after remaining in serious condition. Another woman is also suffering from this epidemic in the area.

Health authorities further revealed that the woman, who died, possessed the H5N6 bird flu. The woman, who is still suffering, is also showing symptoms of the similar virus. The H5N6 virus is known to be the most powerful form of bird flu and has just been seen in China yet. The woman who was the victim of this epidemic died on the 30th of December. Her death was later on confirmed by an un-named press officer.

H5N6 Bird Flu

According to the reports of the Xinhua News Agency, another woman is also suffering from the same virus and is in a very serious condition. Agency revealed that this woman lives in the Guangdong province. Since the start of 2014, almost six known cases of H5N6 have been registered by the health department. All the cases belonged to the different parts of China. This virus is basically found in the poultry and so far has been seen in the areas of Lao, China and Vietnam.

World Health Organization recently released a statement claiming that humans infected by the bird flu virus are not seen commonly due to the reason that this virus is found only in the poultry-centered areas. Apart from the poultry-centered areas, this virus can also be found in the environment that is highly contaminated. Although this virus is really a shocking issue but still the humans don’t have to fear it so much as it cannot be passed on to other humans through an infected human being.

Due to the start of this epidemic in China, the country’s economy is suffering from serious drawbacks as various countries have discontinued the poultry import from China. Recently Hong Kong also discontinued its poultry import from China due to the fact that H5N6 was detected in the Chinese poultry.

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