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Hair Rebonding Steps – A Complete Tutorial

Hair rebonding is one of the most famous hair straightening methods. It is also getting fame due to its highly effective nature and stunning results. Although it is an expensive treatment but most of the women are turning towards it to get their hair straightened up. Hair can straightened up at home using the hair straighteners but if you want lasting hair straightening then you can easily get it through rebonding. Rebonding is comparatively different from the other hair straightening methods due to the fact that bonds of hair are broken using different chemicals. As the bonds of the hair cells are broken and the structural elements are entirely changed during the procedure so the hair straightening lasts for a few months. Below mentioned hair rebonding steps are going to provide you the complete details regarding the procedure of this hair treatment.

    • The very initial step of hair rebonding involves washing and shampooing of the hair. Although the hair is shampooed but you must keep in mind that the conditioner is not applied on the hair. Application of conditioner on the hair would be done in the latter stages of hair rebonding.
    • Most of the salons prefer to let hair dry in a natural way by letting the person sit under the fan but some of them prefer to use hair dryers for this purpose. These hair dryers are used at medium power in order to protect the hair from any sort of heating damage.
    • After that the hair is flat ironed with the super-sonic hair irons. This hair iron will straighten your hair without any heat.
    • Next step involves the distribution of hair into different parts. The number of parts in which the hair is distributed mainly depends on thickness level of hair. If the hair is very thick in volume then it will be distributed in more parts but if the hair is thin then obviously it will be divided in few portions.
    • In the next step the conditioner is applied to every portion of the hair but care must be taken that while applying the conditioner the hair must be kept straight. Even some of the hair stylists use paper thin plastic boards in order to keep the hair straight.

  • Next the pH balance of your hair will be monitored in order to monitor the natural health of your hair. Some of the hair products damage the pH balance of hair so before applying any further hair treatment most of the hair salons tend to measure the health condition of hair.
  •  After the hair relaxant or the conditioner has been applied, your hair will be left to react to the effects of that conditioner. If your hair is normal then it won’t take your hair more than half an hour to show the effects, on the other hand if your hair is dry or curly then it might take more than half an hour.
  • Next your hair will be provided with the steam for almost 15 to 40 minutes. The duration of steam will mostly depend on the health and physical condition of your hair.
  • Hair is again washed only with the water and then dried thoroughly.
  • After that the hair is further straightened with the hair iron so that if there is any sort of frizz or curl remaining then it can be removed from the hair.
  • Next the keratin lotion is applied on your hair after it has again been distributed into different parts.
  • Once your hair stylist is confident about the straightening level of your hair, he/she will apply a neutralizer to your hair so the hair bonds could be settled back in order to make the hair structure normal.
  • After the neutralizer has worked on your hair for almost half an hour, it is washed off from the hair. The hair is again dried thoroughly with the help of a blow drier.
  • Further the hair serum is applied to your hair and the hair is ironed.

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The results at the end of the rebonding are just amazing. You are definitely going to love the silky feel of your hair.

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