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Hair Straightening Treatments: Hair Care Tips

Every woman wants to look beautiful that’s why throughout their lives women strive hard to get the best appearance. Hair is a very important part of woman’s personality so every woman tends to pay great attention to the look, health, volume and appearance of her hair. Getting different hair treatments from the salon is becoming an everyday norm of almost every woman. Different hair straightening treatments are in high demand these days that are used for straightening of hair. The issue is that most of the women don’t even know the aftereffects of these hair treatments. If you want to go for the hair straightening treatments then below mentioned guidelines are going to provide you very clear idea about the hair treatment that you must try.

Types of hair straightening treatments:

Three different types of hair straightening treatments are available in the market including:

  • Rebonding
  • Extenso
  • Keratin

 Rebonding: Treatment and effects:

This type of hair straightening treatment is applied by making some structural changes in your hair. If you want to have Rebonding done, then your hair stylist is going to put a break in the real bonds of your hair. In order to break the bonds, your hair will be distributed in separate parts and Rebonding cream will be applied on each part. Then the hair will be straightened by applying the softeners. The procedure will end when your hair stylist will apply a fixer in order to keep your hair straight and silky.

hair straightening treatments

Although the procedure will take almost 4 hours but it strictly depends on the volume of your hair. The appearance of your hair after the treatment depends on the quality of the products used during the treatment. If high quality Rebonding creams have been used then your hair will display a stunning look, revealing the glowing, silky shine. This procedure is known to be an expensive hair straightening treatment and lots of chemicals are used so it can harm the health of your hair.

Extenso: Treatment and effects:

It seems like a first cousin of Rebonding as the treatment is almost similar but the difference is that after Extenso your hair will look 20 percent heavier. People who have gone for Extenso have claimed that the after effects of Extenso are milder than Rebonding.

hair straightening treatments

So if you are going for Extenso then you must keep in mind that this treatment will make your hair silky, straight, healthy looking but you won’t be any getting any glittery shine after this treatment. If you have light hair then this treatment will provide a healthy look to your hair. This treatment stays visible for almost three months.

Keratin: Treatment and effects:

The mildest and most effective treatment till now, Keratin is quite in the demand these days. If you have damaged hair then Keratin hair treatment is best for you. Not only will it provide your hair with a healthy look, but it will also add extra shine and sleekness to your hair.

hair straightening treatments

Proteins are used in this treatment so there are no negative effects of Keratin. If you don’t want to take any chances due to the deteriorating health of your hair then Keratin is an excellent option for you.

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