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Have You Thought About These 12 Things While Cleaning Your Kitchen?

Kitchen is the most important place in our house. The health of our entire family depends on the cleanliness level of our kitchen. The important thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t keep your kitchen clean then your family can get seriously ill. Most of the women don’t give too much thinking to the method of cleaning their kitchen. You might be cleaning your kitchen but are you doing it right or not? This article will provide you an insight into the kitchen things that you are not cleaning properly, so if you are making these mistakes then you must instantly ditch them.

cleaning kitchen tricks

Reusable bags……..have you thought about them?

Recent research revealed that the reusable bags that we use for our grocery shopping are the biggest source of E. Coli. While shopping we tend to put fresh vegetables inside these bags, we also put raw meat and other food items in them and we also place these bags in the shopping carts that are extremely dirty. We never think about washing these bags on regular basis but we do use them regularly in order to save the environment. If you want to keep your family safe then you must wash these bags after every shopping session.

Reuseable bags cleaning kitchen tricks

Water Filter…..when was the last time you cleaned it?

Most of the women think that changing the water filter is enough but nope it’s not. You must also wash your water filter using soap and hot water. After washing you must dry it completely in order to avoid any sort of fungus.

Water filter cleaning kitchen tricks

Cutting board……are you cleaning it properly?

Women think that washing your cutting board with the help of soap and dish-washing sponge is enough but it’s not. If you are washing the cutting board after cutting meat on it then you must first clean it with bleach in order to get rid of all that dirty bacteria and then you must clean it soap and water.

Cutting Board cleaning kitchen tricks

Cast iron pan…..are you air-drying it?

If you are air-drying the iron pan then you are rusting it yourself.

cast iron pan cleaning kitchen tricks

Which sort of all-purpose cleaner is suitable for stainless steel items?

You must keep in mind that an all-purpose cleaner is not suitable for the stainless steel items. If you are thinking about cleaning a stainless steel item then you must get a special stainless steel cleaner for this purpose and you must also keep in mind to wipe it with grain.

stainless steel items cleaning kitchen tricks

Are you putting glass-ware items in the dishwasher?

Washing glass-ware is a sensitive issue so you must not put your glass dishes and glasses in the dishwasher.

dishwasher cleaning kitchen tricks

Are you organizing your spoons?

Some of the women organize their spoons handle up in the spoon holder and some organize them in the handle down position. It would be much better for you to organize some of them in the handle down and some of them in the handle up position.

organizing spoons

Are you cleaning the door of your dishwasher?

You put your dishes in the dishwasher in order to clean them but have you noticed the slime and dirt accumulated on the door of your dishwasher. Do clean it before everybody at your home gets a stomach infection.

You're not cleaning your dishwasher door

Have you cleaned the coffee-maker?

Coffee-makers are not living beings so they don’t have the ability to take baths. You need to clean your coffee-maker twice every month.

You think coffee makers magically clean themselves

Garbage disposals………have you thought about them?

Cleaning garbage disposals is very important otherwise you will face clogged kitchen sink on daily basis. You must not only clean them in detail but you must also de-odorize them.

You're forgetting garbage disposals

Are you cleaning your knives properly?

You must never clean your knives by putting them in the dishwasher. Always clean them with the dishwashing sponge and soap. Do dry them after washing them.

You're being cruel to you knives

Knobs and door handles inside the kitchen……..have you thought about them?

Remember you have to touch them every now and then so cleaning them with the help of anti-bacterial spray is a necessity.

Handles and knobs are collecting germs

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