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HIV Positive Women Handed Down Herself To The Police

According to the report the culprit women is HIV positive and infected more than 50 men with the diseases,  as she was frustrated, when she knows that she is a HIV positive.

A South Florida woman named Gabie has confessed after discovering about her illness “I buried the good girl in me and became a real bad bitch”. During the interrogation she said that her target was to infect 1000 men till the end of this year, but due to the shortage of money for her illness treatment, she unveiled herself.


Relatives and friends of the girl are equally surprise about what she did. A relative close to her said that she started taking alcohol and other notorious drugs such as cocaine and got addicted to them, soon after she discovered that she was HIV Positive. She had lost all the hopes in her life and, also, desperate and anxious about her life. She also tried to commit suicide several times but luckily survived.

According to a psychiatrist, she might get the disease from the man and became a men hater, after she gets to know that she is infected, therefore she infected men at this large number.

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