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How Come Pregnancy After Miscarriage?

Experienced a miscarriage? Heartbroken? Planning to have a baby again but do not know what is better for you? Miscarriage is really an inconsolable experience for any woman. It is not obvious that every pregnancy completes normally. It is a hard thing to go through such a devastating condition. It can make any woman emotionally and physically weak. But being sad is not the solution of all problems.

Pregnancy after miscarriage is an important step for a couple. Every married woman wants to get pregnant. After a miscarriage this desire becomes stronger. But before taking such decisions health issues must be considered.

This unbearable loss could end up in depression and anxiety if the woman is not given courage to move on. Losing last pregnancy arises a lot of feelings in a woman. She sometimes feels depressed and sometimes senses of guilt that she could not give a healthy birth. The mixture of such emotions can make a woman fearful of losing her pregnancy again. It is better to learn from the experiences and summon the courage to overcome such trauma than to live in the world of sorrows and disappointments. Relaxing exercises are helpful to stabilize the disturbed emotions of an affected woman. A woman who had gone through such disorders needs her husband to console her emotionally. Also mutual understanding and conversation between couples plays an important role in eliminating stress.

Pregnancy after miscarriage

Medical facilities should be considered to avail and identify the cause of miscarriage before getting pregnant again. Few tests are mentioned below.

  • Blood tests: Problems related to hormones or immune system are detected by blood tests.
  • Chromosomal tests: This test assures you whether the chromosomes of both (couple) is a factor of miscarriage or not.
  • Ultrasound: The image of the structure of body is produced by this method to detect any internal complications.

There are 3 trimesters in a pregnancy, each consists of 3 months. First trimester should be handled with care as it is the most delicate period of pregnancy. Couples looking forward to have a baby after miscarriage or normal pregnancy have to be keener in first trimester. If their first trimester goes well then hopefully their whole pregnancy ends up in a fruitful result. Otherwise their trivial mistake could be responsible of miscarriage again.

In some cases, it is difficult to conceive after miscarriage but not impossible. Human body needs sometime to recover its health and to get ready for new baby. But to make it safe a proper way should be adapted to avoid any mishap again.

There are chances that pregnancy after miscarriage is accompanied by several complications

Precautions must be taken to reduce them to minimum:

  • Woman should wait at least 3 months after her miscarriage to lead a healthy and sound pregnancy.
  • Get regular checkup and take medicines as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking otherwise it may cause premature delivery or in some cases, death too.
  • To get rid of this trauma counselling would be helpful.

It is an evident that miscarriage is the horrible experience that can happen to any married couple but by proper planning and taking precautions they can be controlled.

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