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How Many Carbs In A Potato Are Harmful For You?

When it comes being fit and healthy, we are always asked to eat healthy. And by the word healthy we refer to the organic and healthy products like fruits and vegetables. But at the same we are encouraged not to eat potatoes as they are known to have high percentage of carbohydrates and fats. We are still really unaware of the nutritional value of a potato. So, as to eat each and every vegetable to stay fit and healthy we need to make sure if potatoes lie in the list of healthy foods or not.

Why to avoid eating potato?

Most of us including the fitness experts and nutritionists believe that a person should avoid the intake of potatoes if he/she wants to be slim. Potatoes are at the top on high-carb vegetables list. It includes fibre and is the best source of vitamin C and potassium. Other than that potatoes also include vitamin B6 and iron.


As potatoes are high on carbs we must talk about the health benefits of carbohydrates separately. Carbohydrate basically is a high energy nutrient. Unlike proteins and fats it can be digested easily that’s why whenever we eat potatoes we feel hungry after a very short span of time. A human body receives 4 calories by consuming 1 gram of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are separated into simple carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates and starch. They can also be separated into groups glycaemia. And glycemic index determines how high and quickly the blood sugar levels rise after eating carbohydrates.

Foods with high glycemic index are prone to high risks of heart diseases and diabetes. So if people want to eat healthy they must focus on the foods having low glycaemic index.

A single medium sized potato contains 37g of carbohydrates and it is also very high on glycemic index. 37g of carbohydrates in a single medium sized potato provide 143 calories to the body. That’s why potatoes are not included in the list of dietary foods. By keeping only how many carbs in a potato in mind other health benefits of a potato must not be ignored.


Potatoes rank highest among all the fruits and vegetables containing potassium. And potassium is a powerful dietary fibre which helps reducing blood pressure. It also includes vitamin C which helps preventing cellular damage and supports body’s immune system. The fibre content in a medium sized potato helps in weight loss and lowers cholesterol. Vitamin b6 in it helps stabilizing metabolism and helps body in making non essential amino acids which are useful to make various body proteins. Last but not the least a potato contains 6% of iron which is a great source of haemoglobin it also carries oxygen to all parts of body. So to have a high ratio of iron in human body, potato intake is needed. Because iron deficiency effects all parts of body badly.

To eat healthy we must look upon the complete health and nutritional values of all fruits and vegetables.

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