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How Soon Can You Take A Pregnancy Test & Why?

Almost every woman craves for the moment when her pregnancy test reveals positive results. If you do get the positive sign then you need to consult your gynecologist immediately. If the proper prenatal care is not administered on time then it can result in the loss of pregnancy. But the question is that how soon can you take a pregnancy test? You must keep in mind that if you take the pregnancy test too soon then it can turn up false negative and if you delay the test for too long while being pregnant then you might be putting your pregnancy at high risk for miscarriage. This is the reason that most of the women fall into great confusion regarding the accurate time to take pregnancy test.

Accurate time to take a pregnancy test:

Due to advancement of medical science, different types of pregnancy tests are available in the market. All the tests determine the presence of pregnancy by monitoring the hormone levels in the urine but some of these tests are more accurate than the others.

how soon can you take a pregnancy test

How do pregnancy tests determine pregnancy?

This question creates quite a doubt among the women who have missed their period. A pregnancy test basically determines the pregnancy according to the levels of hCG (Human chorionic gonadotrophin); hCG is a pregnancy hormone. If you take a strip pregnancy test at home then this pregnancy test is going to determine your pregnancy through your urine sample.

Urine pregnancy tests are not known to be confirmed or conclusive form of pregnancy test because sometimes these pregnancy tests do reveal false results. If you get the strip pregnancy test of high quality then it might be able to determine your pregnancy even four to five days before the date of periods. If you have conceived the baby then the high quality test would reveal your pregnancy at the least almost a week after the conception.

What are high quality pregnancy tests?

If the test is highly sensitive then it means the test is a high quality test; such tests are very expensive in comparison to the normal tests. If you have purchased a pregnancy test strip then you might see a ratio of mIU /ml on the packaging of that test. This ratio of mIU/ml or milli-International Unit per milliliter determines the sensitivity level of the pregnancy test. You are going to see that different pregnancy tests show different sensitivity ratio ranging from 10 to 40. If your pregnancy test strip shows the ratio near 10 then it’s highly sensitive but if the ratio gets higher then it’s not so sensitive.

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When should I test?

If you test around the date of your periods then the chances are that you are going to get accurate results. You must bear it in mind that if you got the false results after testing from strip then you might have tested too early. So you need to check almost fourteen days after your ovulation. Next thing you need to keep in mind is to take the test early first thing in the morning because hCG level is at its peak in the morning if you are pregnant.

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