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How To Do A Breast Self-Massage?

Although talking about breast health is considered a taboo in our society but it is a fact that breasts are considered to be an important part of a woman’s body. Breast self-massage proves to be a very helpful and relaxing procedure. Most of women tend to feel discomfort, tenderness or pain in their breasts during the phase of lactation or due to hormonal changes during periods. Massaging your breasts in a proper way reduces the effects of tension and provides extra relief by eliminating the pain and soreness. If you are facing breast pain, then it’s best to go for self massage by following the below mentioned steps.

Important point:

Before going for this massage, you must keep in mind to massage directly on your breasts. You can also apply any oil or lubricant but you must not apply extreme pressure on your breasts. Just massage on each side with gentle hands for almost five to seven minutes. Breast massage can be given while in shower, bath-tub, or on bed.

Avoid breast massage:

You must avoid giving yourself a breast massage without consulting your doctor first, if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Active skin infection
  • Lactational mastitis
  • Breast lump
  • Breast implants
  • Breast trauma
  • Irritated breast tissue
  • Benign condition
  • Lymphedema
  • Just had a mastectomy
  • Scarring
  • Reconstruction of breast

How to massage?

  • First of all you need to roll your breast between your hands. Try to life the breast tissue away from your chest while massaging. You must move your hands in opposite directions so you can massage each and every part of your breast.

Breast self-massage

  • Next you need to put your fingers on any part of the breast and push that part of the breast towards the centre in the massaging motion. You must repeat this procedure in a clockwise direction to every part of your breast.
  • Now you must support your breast with your one hand and use the other hand to do circular massage on the nipples of your breast. You must use your fingers to apply and inward pressure on the nipples but you have to move in the outward direction while following this step. You must repeat this step to every part of your breast in a clockwise motion.
  • You follow the first two exercises and then drain your breast by lifting the breast after supporting it with both hands and then shaking it vigorously. Although this motion might seem a little irritating but it is extremely effective procedure.
  • Next you need to massage your breast with both hands moving from your chest to the end of breasts i.e. backwards to forward.
  • Now you have to repeat this procedure with the other breast too and then you have to connect both of your breasts by moving your hands in a circular motion over both of the breasts.
  • At the end support both of your breasts with your hands and shake them lightly.

This breast massage is going to help you feel very relaxed if followed accordingly with light hands.

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