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How To Do A French Braid?

French braid is the style of the hair which never runs out of the fashion industry. Women are always interested in making the French braid hair style whether they have long or shoulder cut hair length. You can also learn how to do a french braid by yourself with the help of few steps which need to repeat few times because practice can make you perfect only.

french braids


Making French braid is not a miracle and you can also do it by following these steps in front of the mirror few times.

  • The most important step to make a French braid is the removal of all kinds of tangles of your hair. Brush your hair thoroughly to make tem soft and straight.
  • Now right at the back of forehead or from the centre of the head gather a small section of hair in your hand. Take care to pick the straight and small section which does not go haphazardly from the hairs. Do not worry, your braid will be as thick as you want when you will go down. However, initially try to pick the small chunk of the hairs.
  • Now for the next step you have to divide the first small section into three sub sections. Keep the sections equal and even. Run your finger through the sections to keep them even and regular.
  • After dividing the first sections, start braiding the three sections like he regular braid. For doing this hold two sections in one hand, the third one in the second hand. Take the first sections towards the second hand to wrap the first sections above the third one. Criss cross the three strands repeatedly.
  • After doing so repeat the process with the third and second sections. Repeat the process for three to five times to provide the initial support to the French braid.
  • Now start crossing over the hairs by gathering the sections from the both side of the hairs. This is the most careful step of the French braiding. All you need is to practice the gathering of the even sections from the side of the hairs into your hands. After picking the single sections of the hair from the one side cross over it to the other section of the hair from the same counter side of the head.

how to do a french braid

  • Gradually, repeat the process by coming down from the head till you reach the neck area.
  • All you need to take care while braiding the head section is to pick small but even strands of the hair from the outside area of the head which is quite closer to the face. This will help to make the fine and elegant French braid.
  • Now down from the neck area make the traditional braid till the length of hairs get finished. Above from the finish point end the braid and add some fancy ponytail over it to tighten the braid.
  • Now at every crossover of the French braid apply some fancy or simple pins to strengthen the grip and securing the hairstyle.
  • Apply the hair spray at the end and you are done with the French braid.

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