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How To Get Long Healthy Hair Naturally?

Most of the women possess amazing hair but they don’t know how to care for that hair, while on the other hand some of the women have short hair but all they want is long healthy hair. Below mentioned guidelines are going to help you with the issue of how to get long healthy hair naturally without applying anything artificial.

  • Get an appropriate hair brush

First thing that you should keep in mind is that hair brush has strong effects on the overall health of your hair so this is the reason that you must get an appropriate hair brush for your hair. Plastic or steel combs and hair brushes can damage your hair so instead of going for these you must go for wooden hair brushes. The biggest quality of a wooden hair brush is that it generally absorbs the hair oils from your head and then distributes those hair oils in a balanced way to every part of your hair. With the help of these hair oils, your hair gets conditioned when you brush it with wooden brush. Next biggest benefit of wooden hair brush is that it avoids or at least decreases the ratio of hair breakage and hair statics. By brushing your hair with a wooden hair brush, you also receive special massage on the key acupressure points on your head. Getting massage on these points will help stimulate hair growth in a natural way. The best wooden brushes are created by the German company Euro Tech.

How To Get Long Healthy Hair Naturally

  • Apply hair oil regularly

Next thing that you should follow is to apply hair oils regularly. Oil massage on your hair and scalp improves the blood circulation and nourishes your hair. Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Pure Argan oil, and Jojoba oil provide the best results to your hair. Before applying any oil on your hair, you must make sure that your hair is organic, it must also be compressed and un-refined or otherwise it won’t provide the desired results.  Making an addition of neem oil essentials or Rosemary oil essentials into your regular hair oil is also very good for the healthy nourishment of your hair.

How To Get Long Healthy Hair Naturally

There are two ways to apply the hair oil on your hair. The first method requires you to apply hair oil twice a week in which you will massage your scalp with any of the hair oils mentioned above and then coat your hair with that oil. Next you need to leave that oil on your hair for some hours or you can also leave it overnight. Next morning you would just have to rinse it off with the help of shampoo. The second method requires you to apply hair oil to the tips of your hair by applying few droplets of hair oil. You can do this method regularly as it won’t require you to instantly wash off that oil.

  • Get appropriate shampoo and conditioner

While getting an appropriate shampoo for your hair, keep in mind to get a shampoo that doesn’t have fragrance, salts or Sulphate in it. Presence of these elements in your shampoo will be quite damaging for your hair. Try to go for organic hydrating shampoo of any good brand. Organic shampoos that contain hydrating qualities incur mild effects on your hair. Shampoo your hair only once or twice a week but not more than that. Use a shower filter while showering your hair so your hair receives clean and pure water only. You don’t need to shampoo your hair too often because washing hair everyday reduces the essential hair oils from your hair.

  • Hair rinses

There are two types of hair rinses that are very beneficial for your hair.

-First one includes rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar. All you need to do is to add two table spoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup and then fill it with water. Drop this cup on your wet hair after you have washed your hair with a shampoo and a conditioner.

-Second hair rinse includes rinsing your hair with Rosemary. Just take some fresh Rosemary, boil it in water and let the water cool down. Drop this water over your hair after you have shampooed your hair.

Get Long Healthy Hair Naturally

Another effective method that you can also use for your hair is known by the name of “No-Poo method”. In this method you are required to wash your hair by using baking soda as shampoo and then conditioning it with apple cider vinegar.

  • Avoid heating your hair as much as possible

Although it’s really hard for most of the women, but you need to avoid using too much heat on your hair. This means that you need to avoid using hair straightener or blow dryer on regular basis.

  • Use non-damaging hair styles

Using simple and easy-to-do hair styles are also going to protect your hair from any sort of damage. The first hair style is to make a side braid and wear a hat on the head.  In order to avoid hair damage you must keep in mind never to go to bed without first securing your hair with a non-damaging hair style.

How To Get Long Healthy Hair Naturally

-First hair style is to roll your hair into a hair bun on the top of your head and then control it with a hair catcher on the front side of your head.

How To Get Long Healthy Hair Naturally

-Second hair style is to tie up your hair in a braid and then secure it with a pony.

How To Get Long Healthy Hair Naturally

  • Eat healthy diet

You must take healthy diet in order to improve the health of your hair. Next you need to take some effective hair supplements and MSM is one of the most effective hair supplements.

How To Get Long Healthy Hair Naturally

  • Final tip

The final tip that you need to keep in mind is to get a pair of scissors and snap snap your hair ends whenever you feel they are splitting. Trimming your hair this way is going to improve your hair health and save the barber’s cost.

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