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How To Get Septum Piercing?

The punky look is quite “in” these days. Everybody loves to have some body parts pierced so he/she can reveal their wild side to the world. You don’t need to get a tattoo or have your entire body pierced if you want to reveal the wild side, you can also accomplish this task just by having the septum piercing.

Septum piercing is quite in the demand due to the fact that it’s almost harmless. You can have your septum pierced and you can also hide it from the world whenever you want to. If you are thinking about getting a septum piercing for the very first time then this tutorial is going to help you understand the demands and stages of this procedure.

  • First of all you need to find a good and hygienic piercing parlor. This is the place where the piercing professionals are going to perform this procedure on you. Just get an appointment and discuss your piercing desires with your professional.
  • On the day of appointment, the piercing professionals are going to take you to their procedure room. You must make a careful observation of the entire piercing equipment in order to ensure that the entire equipment has been sterilized and the needles that would be used are disposable.
  • First your nose will be cleaned by the professional using the antiseptics.
  • The professional will make a careful examination of your nose and pick a nice spot on your septum for the piercing.
  • The professional will also touch the suitable spot with a barbell ring and will ask for your opinion. If it’s ok for you then he will continue his work.
  • You will be asked to lie down on the seat.
  • The professional will pass the needle through your nose and you will feel it ripping through your septum.
  • The needle will be passed after the septum clamps have been applied on the nose and when the needle has passed, the clamps will be removed.
  • Your professional, after making a hole with the help of needle, will also insert the jewelry ring in your septum.
  • When the task is over, your professional is going to clean the blood from the area and make your face fresh.

Although septum piercing seems like a very interesting procedure but the thing that you must keep in mind is that it’s extremely painful procedure and not everybody can endure its pain.


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