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How To Have Natural White Teeth In 3 Minutes?

Teeth are an important part of our body. Not only the healthy teeth have a positive effect on our physical health but they also leave powerful effects on our personality. Most of the people are not able to keep their teeth white due to their unhealthy routine. You must bear this in mind that brushing your teeth twice a day doesn’t make them white. In order to make your teeth white, you have to do something more than just brushing your teeth. Below mentioned simple treatment is going to provide you with natural white teeth in 3 minutes.

Natural teeth whitening treatment:

You are going to need the following items for this whitening treatment:

  • Baking soda
  • Lemons
  • A teaspoon
  • A bowl

natural white teeth in 3 minutes


  • First of all you need to add a teaspoon of baking soda in the bowl and scatter it evenly in the base of the bowl with the help of the spoon.
  • Next you need to slice the lemon in two halves. Take one half and squeeze it on the baking soda bowl. You must keep in mind not to squeeze the lemon in one place only. Squeeze the lemon on different parts of the baking soda. Chemical reaction will start taking place once you squeeze lemon on baking soda and you are going to see lots of froth in the bowl.

natural white teeth in 3 minutes

  • Once the mixture gets frothy, just stir it with the help of a teaspoon and at the end you will see white milky liquid.
  • Once it is ready, you need to mix it again and then apply it on your teeth. Its best to apply it on your teeth with the help of your finger. You can also apply it with cotton swab or kitchen paper.
  • Try to mix it every time you apply it. Mixture must be left on teeth for only three minutes with extreme caution as leaving it on for more than three minutes can provide harm to your teeth so do not leave it over for more than three minutes.

natural white teeth in 3 minutes

Just apply this easy method and get white, sparkly teeth without any cosmetic treatment.

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  1. Antonia Stutchbury

    hey cheers for the information rather a good read.

    I’ve been smoking for years and stained teeth has always been a problem
    I took professionals advice and I never had any luck
    I searched online and found ‘how to have natural white teeth in 3 minutes’ and it’s awesome.

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