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How To Lose Face Fat And Chubby Cheeks?

Every woman is very possessive about the look of her face and body. None of the women want to look fat or possess chubby face. If you suffer from the similar issue and think that how to lose face fat and chubby cheeks then by following these four simple steps you can easily do so. Here you must keep in mind that just reducing fats from your face is not an easy task so in order to gain a slimmer face, you must also reduce your body weight.

how to lose face fat and chubby cheeks

Four steps for slim face

  • Exercise

There are many facial exercises or yoga techniques that can help strengthen your facial muscles and reduce the fats. Not only these exercises help in reducing the facial fats but they also help in reducing the wrinkles from your neck and face. Your face will also feel a lot relaxed after performing these yoga techniques or exercises.

how to lose face fat and chubby cheeks

Some of these exercises are mentioned below:

  • This exercise requires you to open your eyes in a wide way and keenly observe any specific point while keeping your eyes straight ahead. You must keep your eyes in this position for at least 10 to 15 seconds and then let go. This exercise must be repeated for at least 4 to 6 times.
  • You must suck in your cheeks and make a pout of your lids, now your face will resemble that of a fish. You must keep your face in this position for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Inhale a large gush of air and trap it inside your mouth. Try to move that air towards both cheeks after one another. You must repeat this exercise for at least five minutes daily because it will help you in reducing your cheeks.
  • Take a gush of air in your mouth, keep it inside for few seconds and then let it go. You must repeat this for at least 4 to 5 times.
  • Tilt your head towards the roof and throw out air from your mouth. You will feel a strengthening difference in your jaw line.


  • Drinking water

Water is the biggest weight loss solution in the world. Drinking excessive water not only flushes out the toxins from your body but it also helps you lose weight in an easy and gradual manner. Try to eliminate alcohol, salty food items and sweet items from your routine diet because these things will speed up the fat accumulation in your face. Once you avoid eating these items and start drinking lots of water, you are definitely going to feel difference in your face.

how to lose face fat and chubby cheeks

  • Healthy diet

In order to keep your face lean and slim, you need to eliminate unhealthy food items from your routine diet and add healthy food items in your diet. Items like junk food, beverages, items containing excessive salt, trans-fats or sweet meat should be excluded from your daily diet. You must eat fresh fruits, food items rich in fiber and protein.

how to lose face fat and chubby cheeks

  • Sleep

You must take complete 8 hours sleep at night. Try to settle a bed time and strictly follow that bed time every day. You must take your dinner at least two to three hours before bedtime.

how to lose face fat and chubby cheeks

If the complete sleep is not accomplished then your face can also start sagging or aging before time.


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