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How To Make DIY Light Up Headboard

If you are a brand conscious like me, you’ll definitely look for the latest brands to decorate your bedroom. Today I’m going to share this amazing affordable DIY hack with you. Because the empty space in the bedroom makes it dull and boring. But, with this amazing hack you can make your bedroom look amazing. This video was uploaded on the YouTube by Nastazsa of the channel LagunaBeachLove10.  This idea is really simple to make. So why don’t you try it out?

How To Make DIY Light Up Headboard

All you need to do is go to a local store and buy the following items;

  • One curtain rod (equal to the length of your bed)

Curtain Rod

  • Mini Christmas light

Christmas lights

  • Plastic hooks

Plastic Hooks

  • Plain drapes

Plain Drapes

After you gather all these items, you can start this magical trick. Just follow the step by step guide in the video. You’ll be amazed to see that, it will only take less than an hour for you to make this DIY hack. This implies that, you can completely transform your boring and dull room into a complete modern bedroom in just a few minutes.

Just give it a try and share your thoughts about this DIY light up headboard

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  1. I am gonna try this now, hey thanks for providing such helping material. It’s really gonna help a lot. Have you upload some good marriage theme if yes please share!

  2. I surprised my sister, i just decorated her room in this way on her birthday. She had so loved it thanks mm love.

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