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How To Make Your Hair Not Staticy?

Winters bring various blessings for us however among the different winter issues static hair stand the first. Along with different other hair problems the static state of hairs creates irritation and embarrassment for the women especially. So, you should learn how to make your hair not staticy for managing a good hairstyle and wonderful healthy hairs.

Ways to make the hair not static:

There are different kinds of methods and remedies which can keep you away from the problem of static hairs. The care of the hairs is the most important thing prior to applying any other remedy. You can follow these helpful tips and ways to keep your hair non static.

  • Usage Of dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are found to be the most effective remedy for keeping the hair non static. There are different kinds of ways which can be adopted for managing the static condition of the hair. You can rub your hairs with dryer sheets or you can gently rub your pillows with the sheets. Some women also rub their combs and hair brushes with the sheets for keeping the hair non static throughout the day.

how to make your hair not staticy

  • Usage Of hair moisturizers

One of the easiest ways of managing the static hair is to apply the hair moisturizer before you are going to comb your hair. This will provide enough moisturizing condition to the hair which will keep them properly maintained and silky all the day. Alternatively, you can also apply any kind of hair serum in the prescribed ways for keeping your hair non static.

hair moisturizers

  • Usage of metal hair brushed

Metal hair brushed effectively helps to keep the hairs neutral whereas the combs and brushes of plastic and rubber will apply the either kind of positive or negative charge to the hair which will keep them static all the day. So, avoid using these combs and make the habit of combing your hairs with the metal combs.

metal hair brush

  • Usage Of water sprayer

Applying the water before combing the hairs will work temporarily for keeping the hair non static. However, for the permanent removal of the hair staticy this remedy will not work.

water sprayer

  • Usage Of hairsprays

Hairsprays will work wonders to maintain your hairstyle as long as you want. So, purchase a good quality hair spray and apply it to your hairs accordingly before going out.


  • Usage Of hair conditioners

There are specially formulated hair conditioners which can keep your hairs away from being static. So, after dampening your hairs or washing them with shampoo apply the conditioner thoroughly and see the wonderful action of the hair conditioners in maintaining your hairstyle smoothly.

hair conditioners

  • Usage Of baby oils

The application of baby oils prior to making the hairstyle or combing your hairs will work wonders.

baby oils

However, there should be the minimum quantity of the oil applied to the hairs so that they might not apparently look too much greasy or oily.

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