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How To Moisturize Your Hair At Home?

Every woman is very conscious about her beauty and health. A woman can only look beautiful if she possesses a healthy body. Perfect health of a woman can be judged through the healthy look of her skin and hair. Plus if she possesses a slim body then she would be considered an extremely beautiful woman. If you want to possess healthy hair then instead of getting medical treatments there are some homely remedies that can help you know how to moisturize your hair at home.

Increase the volume of your hair by using avocado:

All you need to do is to remove the pit of a ripened avocado. Mash it and add one egg, mix the mashed avocado and an egg then apply this mixture on your head for almost twenty minutes when the hair is wet. As avocados are very rich in essential fats and vitamins so they provide special shine and waviness to your hair. If your hair is extremely damaged then it would be best for you to apply this mixture once or twice a week otherwise applying this mixture once every month would be sufficient for you.

How To Moisturize Your Hair








Use butter to moisturize hair:

If your hair seems dry and damaged then using a little bit of pure and natural butter also helps moisturize your hair. All you need to do is to massage your skull with a little amount of butter and then cover your hair with a plastic bag or a shower cap. Leave it on for almost half an hour and then remove the butter from your hair through shampoo. You are definitely going to feel an improvement in the dryness level of your hair.

butter to moisturize hair

Moisturize your hair with olive oil:

Olive oil is famous for hair growth treatments due to the magical qualities it possesses. If you are losing hair due to extreme dryness then by following a simple treatment you can easily restore the health and beauty of your hair. All you need to do is to warm up half a cup of olive oil. Take care not to bring the oil to the boiling point as it won’t provide you with the desired affects. Warm the olive oil and apply the entire amount of oil to your hair and dry skull. After applying the oil cover your hair with a plastic bag or a shower cap and then further wrap a towel around your head. You need to leave the towel on for almost 45 minutes then you can rinse off the oil by using a shampoo. Repeat this procedure after every one week and you are definitely going to experience the difference.

hair with olive oil

Shine your hair with tea:

Freshly brewed tea also works as a natural conditioner for the dry hair. You should use un-sweetened tea in order to provide extra shine to your hair. Problem with the tea is that when you are using a tea you need to take care to use the appropriate and suitable tea for your natural hair color as tea has very strong effects on your hair color.

hair with tea

By following any of the above mentioned remedies you can easily make your hair healthy.

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