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How To Pedicure At Home?

Pedicure is a very essential treatment for maintaining the health and beauty of your feet. Most of the people think that pedicure can only be done at the beauty salon by an experienced beauty expert but this is not a fact. By following the below mentioned guidelines, you can easily do the pedicure at home step by step.

  • First of all you are going to need an exfoliator or a pedicure stick so you can exfoliate your feet properly in order to remove any dirt of dell skin from your feet.

Pedicure At Home

  • It’s best to get your feet wet before exfoliating because the pedicure procedure becomes easier due to wet feet.
  • Next you need to remove the nail polish with the help of a nail polish remover.

Pedicure At Home

  • Next you are going to need a cuticle stick and a nail cutter. You are going to remove any dead cells on your cuticles with the help of cuticle stick and then you are going to cut your nails short with the help of a nail cutter.

Pedicure At Home

  • After cutting the nails, you have to file the sharp edges of your nails in order to make them smooth.
  • Next you need to use a buffer in order to smooth out the ridges of your nails.

Pedicure At Home

  • Next you need to apply a chip skip primer on your feet nails so that your nail polish won’t chip right after drying.
  • Next you need to fit your toes in a toe separator so that you can apply the nail polish in a neat and easy way.
  • Next you need to apply a base coat on your nails. This base coat is going to prevent the nails from getting yellow due to the application of nail polish.

Pedicure At Home

  • Now you have to apply the nail polish of your choice but try to go for a nice brand.
  • After applying the nail polish, if you find any flaws in your nail polish or if the nail polish is smudging over the edges then you can make it neat with the help of a correcting pen.

Pedicure At Home

  • Now you can also apply a glitter polish over your polished nails.
  • Although you can let your nail polish dry out in a natural way but if you are in hurry then you can also apply quick nail polish dry drops on your polished nails. Just applying one drop on each nail would make the polish dry in around 60 seconds.
  • Remove the toe separators and then apply any moisturizing lotion or cream to your feet.
  • You need to repeat the same steps with your other foot.
  • Massage your feet with a lotion and now your feet are ready for a show-off.

Getting pedicure at home is not a difficult task; in fact it’s extremely easy and simple. You can easily follow the above mentioned steps and get nice, glowing feet at home just within a few minutes.

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