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How To Prevent Breast Cancer In Young Women?

Breast cancer in young women has become the biggest taboo among the women of 21st century. Gone are the days when breast cancer was considered to be a rare disease. Now any woman can easily become prey to this deadly disease. Although the recent scientific developments have introduced the cure for this dangerous disease but still the whole procedure is extremely painful and requires high level of patience and dedication.

Prevention is better than cure!

This saying has proven to be a clear truth in most of the cases. If you want to avoid some health related painful situations in your life then it is better to take extra care of your health. Life is a precious gift of nature and if you truly want to enjoy every aspect of this gift then you need you to take some preventive measures for your health.

Breast cancer can be prevented by following some very simple rules.

  • Check your weight

The more obese you get, the more chances you will increase of getting a breast cancer so in order to avoid this disease it is best for you to keep your BMI under 25. If you become obese after menopause then you enter into a most critical situation as obesity after menopause proves to be a magnet for breast cancer.

breast cancer in young women








  • Live an active life

If you exercise regularly and live an active life then you decrease the chances of getting a breast cancer with every passing day. If you are burdened due to your hectic routine then all you need is a spare 20 to 30 minutes every day for four to five days a week. Try to walk to your work instead of riding in a car or bus. Try to do all your household chores by yourself so you could remain active.

Live an active life

  • Consume balanced diet

Try to avoid all sort of fatty diets and food items with high carbs. Items such as soft drinks and tinned food also increase the risk for breast cancer so it is better to avoid these items. Try to consume lots of fruits and green vegetables plus drink lots of fluids. Try to avoid using red meat and go for white meat, also use cereals and whole grain items.

Consume balanced diet

  • Avoid smoking

Recent findings have revealed that women who tend to smoke cigarettes on daily basis are more in danger of developing breast cancer than the women who don’t smoke.

Avoid smoking

  • Breastfeed

If you have recently become a mother then try to opt for breastfeeding instead of bottle-feeding. Breast feeding your baby for at least one year can reduce your chances of getting breast cancer by almost 70%. Try to breastfeed your kids for at least first 12 months.

breast feeding

  • Avoid hard drinks

Drinks that contain alcohol or energy drinks that contain high level hormones are known as the factors that increase the chances for breast cancer. So try to avoid these drinks at all costs.

Avoid hard drinks

  • Avoid tight clothing

Wearing tight bra also increases chances for breast cancer so it is mandatory for all women to avoid wearing tight under-clothing. Try to avoid wearing bra at night during sleep.

Avoid tight clothing

Although breast cancer is known to be the most painful disease but by following some simple guidelines you can easily prevent it.

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