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How To Put Braids In A Bun?

Hairstyling is an art and a fun too. Women love to make hairstyles of various kinds however the braid bun and quite trendy and in fashion nowadays. These are not only simple but also elegant styles of hair and women love to make braid buns to look beautiful. Learning how to put braids in a bun is simple and women can easily learn this by trying few times in front of mirror by themselves.

Bridal hairstyles 2016


The up do hair styles of making braid bun is not only trendy but also simple and beautiful. You can try out these beautiful and unique hairstyles by following these simple steps of putting the braids in a bun.

Gather the following things near your or at the dressing table before staring the process. You will need:

  • Hair Brush

Hair Brush

  • Hair spray

Hair spray

  • Bobby pins

Bobby pins

  • Hair bands

Bridal Hair Bands

  • Fancy pins

Fancy Hair Pins

  • Colorful flowers

Flower clips


how to Put Braids In A Bun

  • Comb your hairs thoroughly to remove any tangles or cross over present in your hairs. Keep in mind that your hairs should be dry and clean when you are making the hair style.
  • Now take a bunch of the hair at the crown of the head and separate it from the rest of the hairs.
  • Now behind the head make the traditional braid by dividing the hairs into three strands.
  • Cross over the first hand over the third strand by handling two strands in the right hand and single strand in the left hand.
  • Now, cross over the second strand over the third strand and repeat the process by loosening the hairs as you go down the neck.
  • Allow the popping of the loosened hairs out of the braid.
  • Now leave the strands after reaching the finish point.
  • Take any of the two strands and tie them together with the help of the rubber band strictly.
  • Leave the third strand out of the rubber band.
  • Pick the third strand in your right hand and place the left hand over the rest of the braid.
  • Gently push the third strand to squeeze the braid. Take care that the pushing of the third strand will make the braid squeeze into the shape of the bun however the squeezing should not be done with too much force as this will harm the braid formation as well as the hairs too.
  • Now roll the squeezed braid and tie it with the help of the pin at the neck area.
  • By rolling the bunch of the hairs at the crown of the head bring it down and wrap it around the bun.
  • Tie it with the help of fancy pins.
  • Apply the hair spray over the bun and other head area.
  • Tie the flowers at the bun with the help of bobby pins.
  • You are now ready to attend the parties or the meetings with an elegant look.

Put Braids In A Bun

With the help of these simple steps you can easily learn to put the braids in a bun. There are various other methods also but this one is the most simple elegant hair style which can give an awesome look.

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