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How To Remove A Gel Nail Polish?

Women can adorn their fingers in a lot of ways by applying the gel nail polish of various colors conveniently and by getting the gel manicures. However, the main problem arises when the women are unfamiliar with the proper process of removing the gel nail polish. Prior to applying any wrong method at your nails learn how to remove the gel nail polish properly.

How To Remove A Gel Nail Polish

Removal of gel nail polish:

Removing the gel nail polish can be an art which you can learn with the help of few simple and easy steps.

  • First of all gather the tools which you need during the removal of gel nail polish.
  • Get the sand paper, acetone solution, aluminum foil, nail file and cotton balls. These are the simple tools which can help you for the removal of the gel nail polish at homes.
  • The apparent shiny layer of the nail polish should be gently removed with the help of sand paper. You should rub the sand paper gently at your nails. Keep the rubbing gentle but consistent. Do not get afraid of any kind of harm to your nail as the gel nail polish is too much bulky and will get removed with the gentle rubbing for the few minutes.
  • You should keep rubbing till the first layer completely falls off from the nail. The nail will look quite matte and dirty when you have done the process.
  • In the next step bring the acetone solution out at the cotton. Pour a little amount to keep the process gentle and simple.
  • Now take the size of your finger in the round and cut the aluminum foils according to the size you have taken.
  • Place the cotton balls over your nails and squeeze a little gently.
  • Wrap your fingers in the cut aluminum foils strongly.
  • Soak the cotton in the acetone solution and revise the process with every nail of the hands.
  • now be patient get relax and wait at least for half an hour to check whether the gel nail polish flakes are starting to fall off or not. You can open the foil of a single nail in order to check the results. In case of any presence of the gel nail polish at the nails you can wait for the nest twenty minutes as well.
  • Gently remove the foils and the cotton balls from every nail after the twenty minutes and gently remove the flakes of the nail polish from every nail with help of nail file.
  • You can additionally rub the nails with the soaked cotton balls too for removing any left residue of the gel manicure.
  • Ughh… the ugly look of the dirty nails. Take some baby oil and gently rub the nails for few minutes. Repeat the process with every nail.
  • Now your nails are shining and clean. After some time you can wash your nails with Luke warm water and apply the nail moisturizer on them for getting the clean and healthy look of the nails.
  • Now you are done and have removed the gel nail polish conveniently.

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