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How To Remove Acrylic Nails At Home?

You can add to the beauty of the nails by attaching the acrylic nails with help of glue to the originals finger nails. Acrylic nails are trendy and can be attached to the fingers easily by anyone. Women can conveniently use these nails to make their fingers more beautiful and adorable. Many women are found in the difficulty of how to remove the acrylic nails at home. This article will be helpful for such women.

Removal of acrylic nails:

It is not very much difficult to remove the acrylic nails at home only if you are aware of the methods to do it. You can harm your nails and fingers if you will try to remove these nails in the wrong way. Following are some of the methods which can be adopted to remove the acrylic nails at home conveniently.

how to remove the acrylic nails at home

Using the acetone solution:

Acetone solution is very much helpful for the several problems of the nails. For removing the acrylic nails you can use the acetone solution or liquid which can be easily available at any of the pharmacist shop within the affordable range. You can follow these steps to remove the nails:

acetone solution

  • Trim your acrylic nails till you reach your nail bed. Carefully, trim the nails so that nail bed remains safe and secure.
  • Use the sand paper to remove the flakes of any nail gel or nail polish as well as the acrylic nails up to the depth as much as possible. You should take care while rubbing the acrylic nails so that the original nails might not get harm or start bleeding.
  • Take a bowl and pour the acetone solution in it. You can add the solution which can help the convenient soaking of your nails into it. For better result, warm the acetone solution by putting the bowl in the pot of hot water.
  • Put the cotton balls against every acrylic nails at the fingers and wrap the aluminum foils at every finger strictly.
  • Now soak your fingers in the bowl containing the Luke warm acetone solution and wait for half an hour.
  • Check out the nails after the time and if still they are attached to the finger nails wait for another half an hour.
  • Now open the aluminum foils and gently remove the cotton balls which will carry the acrylic nails with them easily.
  • Apply the petroleum jelly or any finger nail moisturizer to clean the nails.

Using the dental floss:

You can remove acrylic nail by placing the dental floss at the edge of the nail and gently rub it against the nail in back and forth movements. This will help to flake off the nail away gently. You can soak the hand in warm water prior to applying the dental floss method.

dental floss

Using the nail filer:

  • Trim the acrylic nails as much as you can without harming the finger nails.
  • Buff your acrylic nails with the help of buffing tool till you have reached the maximum depth. Do not harm or buff the nail bed.

nail filer

  • With help of tooth pick or cuticle stick you can easily up lift the thinned edge of the acrylic nail to keep it off the nails the finger nails.

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