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How To Save My Relationship Advice

Relationships are hard and they do not develop naturally. We are all immensely careful with things like a glass paperweight, yet we give the least attention to something that is as fragile as human relationships. Relationships need focus, dedication and a whole combination of other difficult things on your behalf in order to nurture and develop. This doesn’t apply to couples only rather every relationship is based on the same basic principles which then transform into specific pointers depending on the nature of the relation. That’s why it is must to know how to save my relationship advices to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

Take it easy:

There is a classic equation of togetherness and autonomy and any couple that finds a perfect balance between these two variables will be happier than others. “Easy does it” is an advice as good as your relationship. Learn to give each other space and understand that you do not own your partner. He or she is a separate living being within their domain. Trying to control your relationship will end up in conflict and resentment.

How To Save My Relationship

Giving 90% and taking 10%:

Everyone deserves to be on the receiving end at some point in their life but for most of the time you will have to give 90% and expect 10% in return. This works best if both the partners think in this way. If both the man and woman are aiming towards giving 90% through compromising, putting their partner first and sacrificing; then they are definitely going to be happy. Obviously, it is okay to be selfish 10% of the times and put your demands and need first.

Happiness is in your hands:

Your partner may complete you, which is true, but only at the initial stage of any relationship. Eventually, you will need to take control of your happiness. Feeling good and content about anything is in your own hands. If your partner is doing things that please you-it is going to make you feel good, but finding everlasting happiness in what he or she does for you is how you feel about what it being done. The fulfillment that you seek is within yourself and this piece of advice can transform “every” relationship in your life and not just the romantic one.

Love Yourself:

If you love yourself, you will understand the need to care for your mind, your body and spirit. Apply love to yourself before you apply it to the person next to you. Not only will you appreciate what you will give, you will also better understand the meaning of sacrifice, empathy and compassion. Someone who loves their own self in a positive manner will definitely be strengthening and compassionate for the partner.

relationship advice

Do not limit others-limit yourself:

You can’t change the way others behave or treat yourself but you can put a boundary around yourself and let yourself know what is acceptable for you. You are in control of your own happiness and your attitude will convey how you want to be treated. If you are being treated badly-feel empowered to reject the person and move on. Do not let toxic people take over your life. It is your life: so “you” live it.

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