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How To Stop Hair Fall Naturally In Four Days?

Shedding hair on daily basis is a normal thing but things do get abnormal when you start shedding hair due to damage and dryness. In order to stop hair fall, first you need to understand the reason behind hair fall and eliminate that reason.  Below mentioned guidelines are going to provide you a complete insight into the issue of how to stop hair fall naturally in just 4 days.

How To Stop Hair Fall Naturally

Make necessary changes in your lifestyle

Lifestyle holds a great impact on your health. Timing makes a great difference. If you wake up and sleep on time then you will feel healthy and fresh but if you work late and wake up in the afternoon instead of morning then you will start getting ill. So in order to make your hair healthy, first you need to make some necessary changes in your lifestyle.

Be fresh and keep smiling

Exercise regularly

Exercise also holds a great importance in boosting up the bodily health. Exercise not only helps your body in becoming active but it also increases the blood supply towards your hair. You must keep in mind that stress is the biggest damaging factor for your hair so leading a stress-free happy life will keep your hair healthy.

Exercise regularly

Improve your diet

You must also make some changes in your food in-take. First of all you must eliminate all the junk food items from your routine diet. Next you must increase the in-take of food items rich in vitamin B-12 and proteins.

Improve your diet

Natural treatments to stop hair fall

Besides making the changes in your lifestyle, you can stop the hair fall by applying these natural treatments.

  • You can stop the hair damage with the help of protein therapy. If you want to provide your hair with a protein therapy at home that egg oil is the greatest protein therapy that you can have. Making egg oil at home is not a difficult task. All you need to do is to hard boil half dozen eggs and then heat their yolks on the frying pan using low heat. When the yolk will turn black, the egg oil will start coming out from the yolk. You can strain out the oil in any boil and if the procedure seems tough then you can also purchase this oil from any online store. Massage egg oil daily for four days and you will definitely feel the difference.

Egg and Olive oil for damage hair

  • Massaging your head with essential oils also helps in boosting the blood circulation in your scalp. You can add a small amount of bay oil or lavender oil in the almond or olive oil and massage daily for few days.

Egg Hair Mask

  • You can also improve your hair health by massaging different type of vegetable juices on your scalp. Using onion juice, garlic juice or ginger juice is highly recommended. You need to keep in mind not to use these juice together. Just pick any ONE of these juices and massage your scalp with it. You must leave it on your head for one night and then wash it in the morning.

Juices for long hair

  • Applying green tea is also very effective as it contains anti-oxidant qualities. All you need to do is to boil two teabags in the hot water, let the water cool down and then massage your scalp with the green tea. Wash your head after one hour.

Green tea on hair

Hair before and after treatment

Applying these natural remedies on daily basis is definitely going to improve your hair health in four days but first you must make dietary and lifestyle changes so your hair can remain healthy forever.

How To Stop Hair Fall Instantly – Hair Loss Treatment

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