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How To Tie A Shirt Like Kristen Stewart?

Tie shirts are erupting in the fashion industry nowadays. Many well known celebrities are seen tying their shirt from one side or the other. Students and working people are equally interested in following this fashion trend. Many people are unaware of the process to tie a shirt. This article will be helpful for those who want to learn the process of how to tie a shirt properly.

Steps to tie a shirt:

All you need for this process is a shirt which you want to tie for showing some part of your skin and to follow the erupting fashion of today.

  • In the first step, just bring a shirt and iron it properly so that the tie must be a perfect one. You should try to select the shirt which is flexible and devoid of various fanciful items at the edges because the fancy buttons and other such kinds of products can come within the tie and ruin the beauty of the tie at once.
  • In the second step, you should mention the width and the length of the shirt which you want. Put the small removable marks at the places where you want to start and end the tie.
  • Many times long shirts and short shirts remain in fashion. So, try to choose the middle length shirt so that the tie can be made with the enough cloth.
  • After marking the places about the length and the width pull the cloth from the side you want to tie the shirt by using your thumb and fingers. Pulling the shirt from the marked places will be helpful in providing the perfect fitting to the shirt.

How To Tie A Shirt

  • Now start wrapping the pulled fabric around your fingers. Involve two fingers in wrapping so that the too much bulky or huge tie must not be created. You can wrap the shirt around the middle and the side finger conveniently. Do not wrap the thumb inside the fabric as getting the thumb outside will open up the wrapped shirt and you have to follow this step again. So, wrap with help of middle fingers only.
  • Now start making the loop of the fabric. The loop is an important thing in the whole process. The perfect the loop is, the perfect the tie will be. In order to provide the beauty to the tie try creating the average sized loop with the help of small fabric. Too much bulky tie ruins the beauty of the fabric and provides the awkward look to the shirt. So, try avoiding the wrapping of the too much fabric of the shirt.
  • Now carefully pull the fabric from the center of the loop at the upwards position. Avoid sudden pulling of the fabric rather start pulling the fabric gradually to make the tie. Do not try to tug the loop because it will effectively destroy the loop.
  • Now, you can tighten the loop gradually to shape the tie perfectly. Making the tie at the side or at the centre of the shirt can be done with the help of these simple steps. You can add various twits in your tie with help of large sized shirt.

Always choose a shirt that fits and goes well with your skin color otherwise tieing it will look rubbish.

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