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How To Use The Beard Balm?

The essential accessory of the men and the ingredient of their beauty is the bead balm which helps the convenient controlling of the beard hairs. Men are commonly irritated by the irregular appearance and the flying away of their beard hairs. However, with help of different beard balms they can not only set but also control the hairs of the beard. But they must learn how to use the beard balm in order to avoid the inappropriate application of the balm.

Usage of the beard balm:

You can easily use the following instructions for the proper application of the beard balm for adding the charm and elegance to the beauty of your face and beard.

  • Gently wash your face and beard and dry it with the help of towel and hair drier to apply the balm over it. The application of the balm over dirty hairs or oily beard will not bring out the best and desired results so properly washed and dried beard will bring out the best result.
  • Take the small amount of the balm at your palm, commonly the pea size balm is required for the proper application to the beard. However, if you owe the coarse hairs or your hairs are too much hard and resistible then you can increase the amount of the balm accordingly.
  • Mow gently rub the palm of both hands together to soften the balm as applying the hard balm directly to the hairs of the beard will not be suitable and it will also not work well over the beard if not properly melt prior to plying over the hairs.
  • Now place the hairs of the beard in between both the palms of the hands.
  • Starting from one side start applying the balm covering all the hairs. Apply a little force by pressing both the hands towards each other. This will effectively work for the absorption of balm ingredients at the hairs of the beard.
  • Now with the help of fingers gently comb the beard so that the well absorption of the balm can be ensured.
  • Set the hairs of the beard in the way you want.
  • Now with the help of small piece of towel remove the extra balm if present at the beard. Repeat the process with your hands as well.
  • You can also apply the balm to your moustaches so that they can set in the proper way as well as kept away from entering into the food elements during the eating process.

how to use the beard balm

The do not’s of the beard balm application:

Try to avoid using the balm which has any of the elements you are allergic. Do not apply too much balm to your beard as it will give an awkward look to your face. Avoid using the balm at night times as leaving the beard hairs free to breathe in the natural environment is also necessary for their growth and health.

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