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How To Wash Breasts Properly-A Step-By-step Tutorial

How to wash breasts properly, Maintaining the hygiene of breasts is very important because breasts are the most delicate part of our body. Beautiful and healthy breasts play an essential role in the attractiveness of our body. There are many women who face the issue of color difference between the breasts and remaining body. This issue can easily be resolved if you wash breasts properly on a regular basis. Most of the women don’t even have a clear idea about which steps are important while washing their breasts. This article will help you understand how to wash breasts properly and important things to keep in mind while washing breasts.

how to wash breasts

How to wash breasts step by step?

  • Before washing you must keep in mind that breasts are very delicate part of our body so you must not apply pressure on them during the wash. A breast is usually divided into three parts: the nipple, the areola, and rest of the breast. While washing, you must not rub soap directly on the breast otherwise your breast skin can get red due to irritation or inflammation.

How to wash breasts step by step

  • First of all you must hold your breast in your hand and lift it up. Take some water in the bathing mug and pour it over the breast in a delicate way.

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  • Next you must apply some soap but its best to first rub the soap between your hands and create lather. You must then apply this lather on your breasts with your soapy hands. Never directly rub soap on your breasts.

clean breast step by step

  • Instead of using soap, it will be much better to use any organic body wash for breasts if you can find one. You can also create one at you home by combining coconut oil, raw honey, liquid castile soap, vitamin E, lemon drops, orange essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil.

coconut and honey mixture

  • Lift up your breast with one hand and rub on the body wash with other hand. First you must rub the lower part of the breast. You must apply the body wash in circular motions and slowly bring it to the upper portion of your breast.

how to wash breasts

  • While applying the body wash on the areola and then nipple, you must use finger tips but in a very careful manner.

clean breast with fingures

  • If you are a lactating mother then first you must apply pressure on your breasts in order to take out any extra milk from them and then you must start washing them. This exercise is not only important for the health of your breasts but it will also provide a boost to the milk production.

Take out Extra milk from breasts

  • After applying the body wash on your breasts, you must pour water over your breasts in slow motion and rub off the soap with your hands. Bear it in your mind to remove the soap from areola and nipples properly with your hands.

Wash breast properly

  • Repeat the procedure if necessary.

At the end, you must add a few drops of baby oil or olive oil in the Luke warm water and pour the water over your breasts. Doing this will not only keep your breast skin healthy but it will also make your breasts look smooth and supple.



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