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How To Wash Dread And Make Your Hair Look Shinny?

The first question that arises in mind is, should you use a dread shampoo or a normal shampoo? Well, definitely a dread shampoo is much better than a normal shampoo. However, they are more expensive than the normal shampoo.


  • First of all, make sure to get your hairs and scalps wet.

How To Wash Dread

  • Take the shampoo and rub it around your hair down deep into the scalp.

How To Wash Dread

  • Use the finger tips to gently massage your head with the shampoo.

How To Wash Dread

  • Leave it for 2 to 3 minutes and let the essential oils to soak in. After scrubbing, wash it with water. It is the best way of washing your dreads. Dry your hair in the end with the towel.

How To Wash Dread


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