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Keeping Track Of Hcg Levels After Miscarriage

Whenever any pregnant woman takes a home pregnancy test, the test shows positive results after checking the hcg levels in her urine. Human chorionic gonadotrophin or hcg are the hormones that are produced by the placenta when a woman gets pregnant. If the pregnancy is going on in a healthy way then these hormones are going to increase after every second or third day in the initial days of pregnancy. If you test your hcg levels in the initial days of pregnancy, then you will be amazed to see the height to which they have surged. Not all pregnancies end with a cute and healthy baby, some also end in early miscarriage. Most of the women, who pass through an early miscarriage, remain confused about the hcg levels after miscarriage as they tend to remain high even if the pregnancy has ended.

A miscarriage is the unfortunate incident that can happen with any woman. Sometimes a woman miscarries the fetus but when she tests again after a few days, her home pregnancy test shows positive results. This creates great confusion among the women who have miscarried, as the thought that they might still be pregnant crosses their mind. It is very important for every woman to know that how much time is required for the hcg levels to return to normal after the miscarriage.

How long will it take my hcg levels to return to normal?

Any woman who has just miscarried is definitely going to ask this question, it might take a few weeks or few days for the hcg levels to return to normal after the miscarriage. There are some physical factors that also affect the return of hcg hormones to their normal level.

hcg levels after miscarriage

  • Return of hcg hormones to their normal level also depends on the duration of pregnancy. If a woman has miscarried the fetus during the first three weeks of the pregnancy then the chances are that her hcg levels are going to decrease more quickly than the woman who has miscarried the fetus around the 11th week of pregnancy. So we must keep in mind that duration of a pregnancy is a very strong factor that effects the restoration of hcg levels.
  • When a woman passes through miscarriage, her doctor performs the surgical procedure in order to remove any leftover placental tissue from her body or sometimes the doctor will prescribe the medicines to have tissue removed. After the placental tissue has been removed the hcg levels will automatically drop down to the negative range below the normal 5mlU/L. According to APA (American Pregnancy Association), hcg levels require almost five to six weeks to return to their normal level.

When do the hcg levels continue to rise despite miscarriage?

Despite the common understanding that hcg levels will decrease if the pregnancy ends in a miscarriage, there are also some cases where the hcg levels continue to rise even if the pregnancy has ended in a miscarriage. Such cases include the condition of Choriocarcinoma, ectopic pregnancy, or the start of next pregnancy.

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