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Keratin Hot Fusion Hair Extensions: Are they harmless?

Every woman wants to look extremely pretty and in order to achieve this purpose most of the women go through many personality changes in their life. Nowadays even the beauty and grooming industry has made advancements. We might encounter thousands of new grooming options once we enter into any beauty salon. Keratin hot fusion hair extensions is one of the most famous hair straightening and hair strengthening treatments that is getting extreme fame among women these days.

What are hot fusion hair extensions?

Although there are various methods of applying hair extensions but most of the women like to go for the hot fusion hair extensions. The biggest reason behind the fame of hot fusion hair extensions is that they are totally harmless, natural and more effective than all the other extensions. The hair extensions used in Keratin hot fusion hair extension treatment are topped with keratin glue plus they consist of real human hair. These extensions can be applied in any form as they can stay straight or if you want to provide a curly look then you can also curl up these extensions.

Steps to apply hot fusion hair extensions:

Following steps need to be followed while applying the hot fusion hair extensions. But first of all you must keep in mind that all these steps must be applied by a professional expert, otherwise this procedure could provide harm to your hair.

keratin hot fusion hair extensions

  • Your hair must possess the minimum length of 5 inches in order to receive this treatment.
  • Next the technician will select a thin hair lock.
  • A circular template will be applied on the selected hair to protect your head skin from any allergic reaction.
  • The next step is extremely easy as it includes the melting of glue through hot fusion wand. This hot fusion wand would play the main role in melting the glue. An expert extension technician would melt the glue on your hair. Next the glue would be rolled into a close format
  • As the extensions usually contain non-damaging glue that’s why the chances for hair damage are almost zero. If it’s first time for you then you would feel a little weary at the long duration of the whole procedure. It usually takes 3 to 4 hours for this procedure to complete but the real time duration would depend on the volume of your hair. You will definitely feel relieved once it’s done because it’s going to last for around 6 months.

keratin hot fusion hair extensions

After-effects of hot fusion extensions:

After getting fusion extensions, you are going to feel very happy about the look of your hair. Women nowadays also love to get these extensions because the results are quite versatile. You can curl up your hair or highlight your extensions. Hot fusion extensions are one form of permanent extensions.

keratin hot fusion hair extensions

If you are in mood to get them removed then you must do this by seeking the help of a professional in order to avoid any sort of hair damage.

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