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Knowing Normal Hcg Levels At 5 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Missing a period and then getting the positive sign is the biggest dream of every woman craving to enter motherhood. But what is the time when home pregnancy test reveals the presence of pregnancy in the body. Most of the women usually take the home pregnancy test after one week of the missed period.  Fifth week of pregnancy holds great importance as this is the week when most of the women find out that they are pregnant. You must keep in mind that if a woman is pregnant then the normal hcg levels at 5 weeks will be extremely high and the home pregnancy test would turn out positive.

hcg levels at 5 weeks

The importance of hcg during pregnancy:

Hcg or the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is commonly known as the pregnancy hormone. This hormone is released in the body when the placenta is formed after the conception. As a result of the formation and increase of this hormone, a pregnant woman faces all the pregnancy symptoms. As these hormones surge to the peak in the earlier days of the pregnancy so a woman faces all the initial symptoms of pregnancy with complete force. Most of the women, after they have missed the periods, test for their pregnancy by taking a blood or urine pregnancy test. If a woman is pregnant then her pregnancy test will show two lines or positive sign due to the height of hcg in the urine or blood. Some of the home pregnancy tests are more sensitive than the others and tend to sense hcgs earlier.

hcg levels during pregnancy

Normal hcg levels at the start of pregnancy:

You must keep in mind that the hcg levels are going to soar in the first few weeks of the pregnancy but when the first 12 weeks have passed then the hcg levels will decrease or settle at an average level. If a woman is pregnant but her hcg levels stopped increasing during the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy then there could be many possible reasons for this and the biggest possible reason is that the pregnancy is not accelerating in a normal way. In the first 4 to 12 weeks of pregnancy the hcg levels are going to increase after every second or third day so the pregnant woman is going to feel nausea and other pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester.

hcg levels at 5 weeks

Normal pregnancy levels vary from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy. If a woman is carrying more than one fetus in her womb then her normal hcg levels would be different than the woman with single fetus. Normal hcg levels of a woman with single fetus at five weeks would be around 18-7,340 mlU/ml.  Again you must keep in mind that these hcg levels are just standard hcg levels; hcg levels can differ according to the condition and nature of pregnancy.

What my hcg levels tell me at fifth week of my pregnancy?

To be fair, your hcg levels are not going to provide you with any sort of definite answer. Even if you test your hcg levels (which is not an easy thing and cannot be done at home), still you have to get an ultrasound in order to find out the real condition of your pregnancy.

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