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Makeup Tips For Big Eyes And Small Eyes

No matter are you the one from small eyes holders or the bigger ones. The eyes are the reflection of the personality. Makeup tips for big and small eyes can help you to improve your personality. Below mentioned makeup tips can get you the suitable shape for the eyes you are carrying.

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Makeup tips for big eyes:

Feelings are first exposed from the eyes .The most attractive and graceful eyes are big eyes. Ladies who are blessed with big eyes should be thankful to God. They already have such charm to attract the attention of the others. Moreover, there is more surface area on the eyelid of big eyes that they can easily apply 2 to 3 colours. So, to make them more glamorous let us discuss about some makeup tips for big eyes.

  • Glitter

The natural beauty of the big eyes can be enhanced by adding some glitter. The best option is to apply some shimmery and shiny eye shadow. Along the lash line, draw a line with matte colour. Then apply shimmer on the lid. It will definitely enhance your look.

makeup tips for big eyes

eye makeup

  • Mascara

Mascara is the main part of the makeup tips. It suits for all types of eyes. However, for the big eyes it should be applied up the bottom lashes to give the features more gorgeous look.


how to apply mascara

  • White highlight

Apply white eyeshade on the inner corners of the eyes to highlight the big eyes. White eye shadow does not mean to cover your entire lid with the white eyeshadow. Just add a little touch of white eyeshade in your eyes. White eyeshadow can also be applied just below the eyebrow along the brow line as a highlighter.

White highlight

  • Eyebrow shape

Eyebrow shape is of great concern for all eyes whether they are small or big. To give a perfect look trim your eyebrows in a fine line shape.

Eyebrow shape

eye makeup

  • Blending

Blending is the most common mistake which most of the women make. Carefully blend the concealer so that dark circles disappear. Blend your eyeshadow and highlight it as well.


  • Eyelash curler

An eyelash curler is a manageable tool. Although it is small but of significant importance to stand out the big eyes. It gives curl to the lashes, which looks like their length has increased.


Makeup tips for small eyes:

Let us now discuss some makeup tips for small eyes:

  • Plucking

Trim your eyebrows to get a fine shape suitable to your face. Brow shape is a factor, which affects the eye shape.

Makeup tips for small eyes

  • Primer

By using some suitable concealer, prime your eyelids well until the brows. It provides the adhesive surface for the makeup to stay stick on the lid for a long time .You do not need to renew it.

prime your eyelids

  • Eyeliner

Choosing the correct eyeliner colour can make a lot difference in the eye look. Therefore, it is better to use brown eyeliner for blue eyes, green eyes will go best with the plum, and pinkish purple shades are best for hazel eyes. Wisely choose the colour which can make your small eyes look bigger.

Stretch a line along the upper and lower lashes and then thicken them by running the eyeliner over it again. This will make your eyes look bigger naturally.


  • Mascara and eyelash curler

Using an eyelash curler, gives the sexy curls to the lashes giving the glamorous look. Then apply mascara on the upper lashes, allow it to dry for 3 to 4 minutes and repeat it with the lower lashes. This will increase the eyelash volume, making the eyes more prominent.

Mascara and eyelash curler

how to apply mascara

  • False eyelashes

Ladies with small eyes usually have thin and small eyelashes. It is better to use eyelash extension to give the dramatic look to your eyes.

False eyelashes

Eyes are undoubtedly the blessing of god. Learn the essential makeup tips and feel the “CHANGE”.

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