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Makeup Tips For Green Eyes And Blonde Hair

Many Hollywood celebrities have green eyes with blonde hair. Their features are illuminated by the perfect makeup according to their skin tone. This makes them to appear stunning on the screen. Search the best-branded makeup products. It is better consulting some expert beautician and dermatologist. Then choose the appropriate products matching your skin tone and colour. This article will help you applying makeup tips for green eyes and blonde hair.


  • Eyebrows

To add some shape to the eyebrows, line them with some light to medium brown colour of the liner if your eyebrows are blonde. Lining eyebrows give shape to the face too.

Makeup Tips For Green Eyes And Blonde Hair

If your eyebrow colour is so dark that you want to lighten them, apply the same hair colour, which you use for your hair. However, care must be taken while handling with bleach. In case it gets into the eyes immediately wash them with the water.

  • Foundation and Concealer

Foundation or concealer makes the base of your makeup. Abrupt or unplanned decisions can give you unwanted results. It is wiser to hit test and trial method. Experiment different foundation and concealer products and find the most suitable for you.

Foundation and Concealer

  • Eye Makeup

Green eyed with blonde hair can make their eyes luxurious by applying some light black eyeliner and mascara. Black eyeliners do not suit much at every eye color so do not ignore Brown colored mascara and eyeliners .They can be used for a more passive look.

Green, light brown and pink colors are best for eyeshade. Become the queen of evening functions with the green shade on eyelids.

Eye Makeup

Plum also, do well with green eyes. Use dark plum on the outer side of the eye and soft purple at the inner corners of the eye and blend them.

  • Blush Colours

Brown and pink blush on are the best choice for the women having green eyes with blonde hair. If their costume has light and soothing colours, then brown blush on goes well. However, for the dark colored dresses like black, red and even white, pink blush on would be perfect.

Brown and pink blush

If you are in a hurry and want your makeup to be done in short, your favourite blush on color can be applied on as an eyeshadow too. Soft and light colors make your eyes more appealing.

  • Lip Colours

Brown, baby pink, shocking pink and crimson colours are the best to enhance your lips. To balance your overall makeup look, go for dark lip shade with heavy eye makeup.

Lip Colours

  • Golden shades

Golden shades give a dramatic look to the green eyes. Golden eyeliner must be applied along the lashes at upper and lower side both. This does not leave any requirement for the eye shadow. Apply mascara by over doing it twice to increase the length and strength of the lashes. Gold makeup is the decent but makes the green eyes look attractive.

Golden shades

  • Smoky effect

For a romantic look, green eye shadow plays the best role. Apply a fine thin layer of green eye shadow on the eyelid as well as along the lower lash line. Peach and pink colours at the brow line works as the highlights. At the last, apply grey eyeliner and mascara. Blend them well to get the smoky effect.

Smoky effect

Follow the tips and let others praise your beauty.

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