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Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes and Brown Hair

The attractive features of women with hazel eyes and brown hair need little furnishing to enhance their look. Women just need to know about their skin type and bring out their unusual beauty. Women with hazel eyes are just a handful of them. The mixture of brown and green shades gives the hazel eyes. They are the rarest.

If you have hazel eyes with brown hair, consider yourself blessed. You just need a few tips to polish your beauty by following the below makeup tips for hazel eyes and brown hair.

  • Eyebrows

Let’s start with the eyebrows. To shape them according to your face texture, remove the excess unwanted hair by using wax strip. This is the easiest method with less pain. Keep low to medium thickness of your eyebrows. Do not make just a thin line of eyebrows and not so thick that they look like bushes. Then fill the gaps in eyebrows with brow color pencil give a neat look and proper shape. If your eyebrows are already full with hair, then you may not need to use brow color pencil.

  • Foundation and Concealer

If the base is strong, then the following procedure ends well. So, concealer and foundation must be chosen carefully. At the shop while choosing the concealer and foundation, apply some of its portion on your that hand area, which matches your face skin tone, and see if it looks natural or not. Do not go for concealer and foundation which gives you an artificial look.

Try to test foundation and concealer in the natural light coming from a window or any source than under the tube light or an artificial light. This will give the best results and make easy to decide which concealer or foundation suits you the most.

  • Eye Makeup

For fair skin, baby pink and fade brown colours go well with the hazel eyes, but if you have a dark skin tone then olive green and medium brown eye shadows will suit you. Apply thin eyeliner of brown or black colour. However, for the smoky eyes, thick layering of eyeliner is preferred.

Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes and Brown Hair

  • Blush Colors

Now, comes the cheek’s area. Makeup is incomplete without a blush on as it enhances the beauty of your face. So go for baby pink and peach colored blush if your skin is fair. But for those having tan skin, dark peach and brownish colors are suitable.

  • Lip Colors

Women with hazel eyes will like to polish their lips lightly just to support their eyes not to overcome them. They want to remain concerned with their eyes more to show off their green pigment of their eyes. So, light pink and peach shades are good for the lips.

  • Highlight

Whether you are getting ready for the night party or for some daytime work, hazel eyes need to be highlighted. It is the most important tip, but often neglected too. Prefer to highlight your brow line. It gives the unique and gorgeous look.

  • Eyelash curler

When there is discussion about eye makeup or beauty tips, eyelash curler is the obvious thing. Give the long lashes with a romantic look.

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