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Makeup Tips for Oily Skin and Pale Skin

In summer, women and girls have makeup problems. In summer, makeup is usually destroyed due to the severe heat. Hot weather is not suitable for makeup, no matter what type of skin is yours, it creates difficulties. These types of difficulties are more common in oily skin. Women with oily skin are more likely to have spots and impurities on their face. Easy makeup tips for oily skin and pale skin discussed below that will help a lot in maintaining the makeup for oily skin even in hot and humid weather.

Tips for oily skin:

  • Exfoliate your skin

This is the first step before applying makeup in the summer season on oily skin. Quality scrub is recommended than any creams or lotion. Good quality scrubs deeply cleanse your skin removing the dead cells and blackheads from the face leaving you fresh.

Exfoliate your skin

  • Use oil free moisturizer

To keep your skin young and fresh, oil free moisturizer is the best choice in the summer. It will make your skin sweat proof. Before applying any makeup product on the skin, rinse your face with oil free moisturizer. Water based moisturizer is more preferred.

oil free moisturizer

  • Use of blotting paper

Blotting paper is of great importance for those who have oily skin. It absorbs excess oil from your face. It allows your makeup to set properly and for long time.

Use of blotting paper

  • Preparing for makeup

After you have done exfoliation and moisturization, use primer for removing extra oil. After that, use oil free foundation to give smooth and sweat proof effect. In addition, it hides the open pores in your skin. Keep in mind that it is better to apply foundation with a brush than fingers. Finger can heat up your skin more due to rubbing.

  • Use of translucent powder

Apply face powder or translucent powder with brush as it controls oily appearance on the face in the summer. Use light powder or base and match properly according to your skin type.

translucent powder

Makeup tips for pale skin:

Makeup is common these days. It can be tough to find makeup that flourishes a very fair entry. Many colours results in heavy or bright look in conflict to the skin tone.

However, many colours and styles of makeup are introduced that suits pale skin. They are as follows.

  • Foundation

No matter which skin type you possess, it is wise to take a makeup start with the foundation. It suits more on pale skin. The foundation give you the proper base to make up your face over it, so extra care is required. First, try different colours in search of a perfect match of your skin.


  • Concealer

Avoid choosing too bright concealer or it may create white patches on your face,  as like foundation, concealer should also be chosen after testing and trying it several times to find the appropriate match. It is recommended to apply yellow shade conceal on your dark circles for pale skin holders.


  • Blush

Women with fair skin colour rather pale need blush or you can say blush is a must to erupt colours on their face. Avoid using dark colour blush; it will make you look odd. Go for red and pink colour to get rosy appearance.

makeup tips for oily skin

  • Ditch the highlighter

Already having fair colour, women with pale skin type do not need any highlighter. Just use concealer to hide spots or black circles.

  • Eyeshadows

Those having pale skin colour can be creative to explore eye shadow shades. Almost all of the colours of eye shadow suit them. Colours like purple and blue for the parties. Brown and baby pink colours go correct when getting ready for office.


  • Lipsticks

Ladies with pale skin type have variety of choice for the lipsticks. They can apply red, peach, purple, and even pink lipsticks. Red lipstick gives the most stunning look.


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Note: Desired results are obtained if these tips are keep in mind before makeup your face.

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