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Making Mimi’s American Chop Suey Recipe At Home

Influenced by the traditional Italian cuisine, Mimi’s American Chop Suey is presented with the complete blend of American additives. The plus point of this recipe is that its supportive ingredients can be changed due to the subject of availability. This yummy dish is mostly served with the bread.

Mimi’s American Chop Suey

The recipe of this dish is extremely simple and less time-consuming.



  • Elbow macaroni-one and a half cup (must be in dry form)

Elbow macaroni

  • Hamburger-one and three quarter pounds


  • Onion- half (must be in chopped form)

Onion- half

  • Tomato sauce-eight ounces (must be in canned form)

Tomato sauce-eight ounces

  • Tomato soup-ten and three quarter ounces (one can only)

Tomato soup

  • Salt (according to taste)


  • Pepper(according to taste)

Pepper powder

Start Making Mimi’s American Chop Suey

Mimi’s American Chop Suey


First you have to cook the macaroni in a pan but you must take care not to cook it too much. When you see the macaroni is completely cooked then you must take it off the stove. Next you need to light up the stove and put a skillet on it to heat it up.

After that you need to shallow fry the hamburger along with the onions on the skillet. When the hamburger and onions are done, you need to make an addition of the tomato soup along with tomato sauce. After mixing it properly, you need to mix the macaroni in this mixture.

Don’t forget to serve it hot. The ingredients mentioned in this recipe are enough for four servings and it will only take you around 20 minutes to get this dish prepared.


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