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Memorable Poem Of The Old Man Who Diet Alone

Old people are often regarded as the ignorant, useless and futile part of the society and are often living sadly in various old homes. They are not only ignored by their own families but also by the staff and other relevant people of the old homes and nursing houses. One of such old man named Mak Filiser was found living hopelessly in the nursing home in the department of Geriatric wards. He died leaving nothing behind else than a beautiful, memorable and sentimental poem which was his entire asset. His poem revealed his inner feelings and the love for life and his family. His true emotions were found bulging out by the words of the poems. His poem showed what he himself cannot express throughout his life to his family, friends, relatives and the other people.

Memorable Poem Of The Old Man Who Diet Alone

Everyone in this world is bestowed with a certain kind of talent and the wonderful feelings of love. Everyone likes to get respect and love from others. However when anyone is ignored his innersole starts dying and crying for love and affection from the other people. Talking specifically about the old man we can say that his poem is the pictorial representative of the feelings of all the old people living in a hope to meet their families. Nurses who were on duty to serve the old man never imagine the thoughts and the feelings of the old man. However, after his death the poem found by one of the nurse revealed what the old man felt about the world during his old age.

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The old man said in a verse “Uncertain of habits…with faraway eyes”. There he is actually trying to tell the world that the old people are never ignorant of the feelings that the other peoples heart feels about them neither they are ignorant of the emotions of regret and hatred and boredom which the other people eyes show for them. We can easily evaluate the pragmatic approach of the old man who was well aware of what the nurses felt about him while treating him. He listened loudly or decode the instructions lately everything is quite readable by him however we found by his poem that he is helpless about the problems of the old age.

This poem is the practical approach of the old people in our world. It is a lesson for the people like us who have not time to understand their old parents or grandparents. It starts an alarm in our soles about all the people stepping in the old age. Getting emotional we can make the poem a warning for us so that we can try to give love, time and affection to those who are feeling alone passing their last days of the life in various nursing houses and old homes. “Not a cranky old man Look closer…See Me”. These lines are the fruit of the poem showing what the reality of the old people in our world is. It also shows how unconsciously we underestimate the importance and personalities of the old people. The old man’s memorable poem is powerful enough to raise the feelings of respect, love and affection for the rest of the old people in our society.

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