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Most Common Diseases Of Women To Deal With

Living with an illness can have a very bad effect on your health and reduce your lifetime by visible difference. Women are as prone to common diseases as any man. Experts have listed down some major concerns that women might face. This list includes:

  • Heart Diseases
  • Breast Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Depression
  • Autoimmune diseases

This is an alarming situation but remedial steps can be taken to ensure that your health does not deter. Women should pay attention to their health and should not treat it for granted. Health is a best gift of nature we should respect and nurture it. The best way to take care of your health is to collaborate with your doctor and educate yourself on health issues as well as know about your medical history. A medical expert Mark says, “You know what makes you feel good, you know when you don’t feel well. Understanding your body is key.”

Heart Disease: Heart diseases kill 29% women all over the world. It is easy to diagnose a heart problem in men as compared to women. Usually they are under diagnosed which why it is very often for the disease to be caught in the very last stages when it is too late for treatment. Some factors that might induce heart problems in women are growing age, genetic history of heart diseases, smoking, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, sedentary lifestyle, obesity or diabetes. The best way to treat this illness is to alter our life style in such a way that it is a well-blended mixture of healthy diet, exercise and regular consultations with a doctor.

common diseases

Breast Cancer: It is the most common type of cancer found in women. Most women who are detected with breast cancer are usually on last stages. This is due to reason that women totally neglect the signs their body try to tell them. The major cause of breast cancer are age factor, family or personal history of a disease, racial difference (white women have greater risk of getting this disease), exposure to radiations, alcohol or drug consumption, smoking and obesity. But there are some techniques like keeping a check on your weight and diet that can reduce the chances of you getting breast cancer.

Breast Cancer

Osteoporosis: It is a health problem faced due to the weakness of bones. This is more common in women. This is a disease which can be treated in the early ages. Our habits in childhood and growing years play a major role in developing this disease. At 30 years of age our bones stop growing and building, after this age all we can do help our bones is to maintain them. Its risk factors include growing age, thin framed bone structure, Anorexia, low consumption of calcium and Vitamin D. There are medications that can help fight osteoporosis but the best way to conquer it is to alter our lifestyle and dietary habits.


Depression: Although it sounds very stupid but depression can be very serious threat that can reduce your lifespan. This problem can be sort out by socializing more and developing a hearty healthy relationship with others.


Autoimmune Diseases: In this kind of diseases the body’s immune system stops working and instead it starts attacking the body and starts destroying healthy cells and tissues. This might start from a genetic disorder, hormonal imbalance or environmental issues. Since the cause of these diseases cannot be detected easily they might caught a serious damage till they are diagnosed.

If you are still in need to know what are the most common diseases of women then your answer lies in the above piece of text.

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