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Most Uncommon Pregnancy Symptoms

Motherhood is the greatest experience of feeling complete and special. If you are expecting a baby then you should also learn about uncommon pregnancy symptoms women may undergo. Well, waiting for so long to check whether your periods are missed or not, you don’t need to do so as there are many uncommon symptoms of pregnancy about which most of the people are unaware and make us think that it might be due to pregnancy.

Pregnancy does not come alone, early symptoms and signs accompany it. The common symptoms behind pregnancy are missed menstrual cycle, fatigue and nausea. Normally, when these symptoms appear, pregnancy tests such as urine tests are performed to get clear results. Some women notice a combination of weird and unexpected signs, which generate the doubt of pregnancy.

Following uncommon symptoms indicate that you might be pregnant.

  • Bloating and puffiness

If suddenly your ring become snug to your finger and your shoe become tight and your pants do not fit you anymore, consider this as a sign of early pregnancy if you are expecting.

uncommon pregnancy symptoms

  • Acne

Has your complexion become dark and suddenly you face acne problems? This might be the hormonal changes in your body as early symptoms of pregnancy which most of us ignore.


  • Mood swings

Getting irritated for no specific reason is normal condition for pregnant women. However, it is not a proper symptom to be counted, but you should keep checking the abrupt blast of emotions.

Mood swings

  • Breast changes

If you have become more sensitive to any kind of touching, there are pretty much chances of pregnancy. Swollen, tenderness, increased size and sensitivity of the breast are observed as early symptoms of pregnancy.

Breast changes

  • Dark areola

Areola is the circular area around the nipples. Does it not seem strange? Yes, but no one observes darkening of the areola is strong symptoms of early pregnancy.

  • Cramps

One of the uncommon signs of pregnancy is abdominal cramps. Lower pelvic region feels hurt so pregnancy tests should be done immediately.

  • Food cravings

Feeling hungry and thirsty after short intervals is observed in early pregnancy. If you do not eat for 1 to 2 hours, it seems like you have fasted for so long.

  • Itching

It is the most irritating and annoying symptom that targets your belly and breast area. Stretch marks are the outcome of itching.


  • Heart burns

Pregnancy related hard burns are due the unbalancing of the digestive system.

  • Change in food taste

You may feel nausea due to irregular eating, but let me tell you that it is the strongest indication that you may have conceived. The taste of the tongue changes even to your favourite food too.

Change in food taste

  • Abnormal hair growth

If you notice sudden hair growth on your belly and breast, there are chances that you are pregnant. You may also need to shave more often than before as during pregnancy hairs become thicker with less hair fall.

Abnormal hair growth

  • Sharp senses

Are you able to smell sharply even your spouse smells stinky to you? It may also be due to pregnancy that your nose has become more sensitive to the odour.

  • Increased urination

If you are frequently visiting the toilet to urinate, you should perform pregnancy test at home or hospital. It may be due to the developing fetus inserting pressure on the uterus.

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