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Normaliza Blood Sugar And Cure Hypoglycemia Via Nasal Spray

Since years thousands of people have been fighting with the curse of diabetes. Insulin and other blood sugar controlling medicines have played a routine role in the lives of diabetic patients but researchers were in search of something more effective, more painless. Bearing the prick of insulin injection on daily basis is one of biggest nightmares of a diabetic person. Recently, scientists came up with another amazing discovery regarding the cure of diabetes. According to the researchers, now hypoglycemia will be treated through the nasal passage using a nasal spray.

U.S. possesses one of the largest numbers of diabetic patients. Health statistics revealed that almost 29 million people were suffering from the evils of diabetes in the year 2012. Diabetes is the health condition in which the blood insulin level gets disturbed due to negative effects on the metabolism system.  Insulin is basically a hormone created by the pancreas; it plays main role in the regulation and normalization of blood sugar. People usually get affected by two types of diabetes including hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is the condition where the pancreas is not able to produce the required amount of insulin. While in Hyperglycemia, pancreas produces excessive insulin. Diabetes can provide a life threatening damage to your nervous system or the functioning of the kidneys.

Nasal Spray

When a person gets hypoglycemic then he needs to eat something sweet as the blood sugar level falls below the range of 70mg/dl. If the sweet is not taken then the person would have to suffer severe issues like dizziness, anxiety, seizures, disturbed visions or unconsciousness. Although the mild symptoms of Hypoglycemia could be controlled with eating sweet candies, or drinking juices but if it gets severe then patient would be required to inject him with the glucanon.  Glucanon is the peptide hormone that normalizes the blood sugar levels.

Glucanon, for it longer life, is available in the powdered form. Once it’s needed, the patient would have to mix it in water, add in syringe and inject in his body. In normal circumstances, this seems like an easy task but while under the attack of hypoglycemia, this seems like the toughest task on the earth.

Therefore, researchers came to the conclusion of introducing the nasal spray, although it takes 3 extra minutes to show its effects but it’s easy to use in emergency conditions.

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