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This One Easy Trick Will Remove All Annoying Blackheads Instantly

When we expose to the sun light, it has the ultra violet rays that affect our face skin. Our body generally releases the pigment called melanin, this substance fights with the ultra violet ray’s consequence that usually have on our internal organs of the body. The more we expose to the sun the pigment will be oxidized more and the oily skin and low immunity power of our body will cause Trans on our face. Everyone is irritated due to this imperfection on our face that generally pales the complexion.

Remove All Annoying Blackheads


Here is the uncomplicated and undemanding tip to avoid from the multifaceted problem.


  • One half lemon
  • Three drops of honey



Put the drops of honey on the lemon and your product will be ready.


  • Start rubbing on the face
  • During rubbing, also squash the lemon so that drops of lemon juice will mix with the honey
  • Focus on the part of face that concerned the most
  • Rub till 4 to 5 minutes
  • Then wash your hair with clean water



It will bring natural color of your face


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