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Priceless Women’s Health Weight Loss Diet Plan

This women’s health weight loss diet plan is going to provide you a great assistance in losing 10 pounds just in 2 weeks. You will neither starved nor feel like suffering on typical diets.

To start with, you must be advised a touch on exercise here.

Exercise certainly helps in losing weight, but good diet is important for proper exercise. Jumping exercise is the best than all others. You may find it difficult due to your heavy weight but it is not an impossible task.

Women weight loss diet plan:

  • First, you must to have a look on the diet and after they will be explained.
  • Breakfast- ½ can of black beans with 3-4 scrambled eggs.
  • Lunch- vegetable salad of your choice with lettuce with ½ can of black beans, 1 chicken breast or 1 can of tuna. 1 lean hamburger patty can also be eaten. Keep in mind that typical salad dressings are not being suggested here. Only use virgin olive oil, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.
  • Dinner- a lean meat with half pound of cauliflower
  • Apples, grapefruit, protein shakes, red grapes as snakes.
  • Beverages- water, green tea, protein shakes


Now, the explanation to this diet will be discussed here.

First, it is high in fiber and protein. This keeps your hunger in check and levels your metabolism running fast. Black beans are rich in fiber which fills up you big time. You gain 25 grams of fiber in just 1 can of black beans that is an amount recommended for women in a day.

If you have notice that every meal has a good amount of protein in it. For regular weight loss, each meal has an idea amount of protein. It helps you control your blood sugar levels that go crazy while you eat easily digested simple carbohydrates.

The snakes are low in calorie and filling but high in volume. Water is a good for them. So you need to drink water enough.



The beverages; on the other hand, low in calories or get large amount of calories from protein shakes.

It is not necessary that you have to follow this diet to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. This is a suggestion; you can use it as outline with that diet, which you are already using to lose weight.

As you know that you have already tired of following the old and boring way to lose weight such as drinking 8 glass of water daily, eat more vegetables and fruits and do exercise, but now you will enjoy new ideas to lose weight THAT IS INTERESTING!

Listen! All of you want to lose weight without alternating the diet and daily routine working. For this, you need to go the gym daily and do the things that you consider really a hassle for your life.


women's health weight loss diet plan

At the end, it depends on the nature of your body. You must eat the foods which you can easily digest. You need to avoid getting the unnecessary fat which is commonly found in yogurt, milk and bread. You can use fat free products to lose your weight. Especially these tips are too much important for the housewives.

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