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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy page is published by CareTipz so all the visitors can understand the limitations according to which the information on this website is used or shared. You will also get to know the nature of the information provided to this website and how CareTipz utilizes all this information.

All the visitors must keep in mind that CareTipz is an informative website containing the content that mainly focuses on the women health, beauty and relationship issues. The information available on this website can be accessed for learning purposes and can also be shared to the specified social media sites in order to create awareness. This website is in the sole ownership of Caretipz and all the rights of this website have been reserved from 2015 and onwards.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you have accessed this website, have read any article or watched any tutorial video or have shared any article, tutorial or video then automatically you have adhered to the privacy policy of this website.
  • If you have any issues regarding the rules and regulations mentioned in the privacy policy then you must not read, share or use any of the information mentioned on this website.
  • You must visit this privacy policy page every time you access this website as the privacy policy regulations do change from time to time.
  • Before accessing this website you must keep in mind that we also hold the right to collect personal information from our visitors in order to make our quality better. Personal information may include all those items that would help identify an individual. This website might require you to provide your name, email id and password. You can easily access most of the pages of this website without providing your personal information but there are some places that cannot be accessed without providing the personal information.
  • You must keep in mind that your personal information is only gathered for improvement purposes and will not be revealed to any other source.
  • Caretipz also accesses other sorts of information regarding its users such as mode of communication, device, IP address, operating system, URL, browser, Internet connection, etc.

Non-personal information gathered and accessed by our website will be used for the advertising and improvement purposes. Such information would also be used in order to prevent any sort of fraud, cyber crime or any illegal activity and follow the imposed regulations.

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