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Rare Houston Triplets All Set To Go Home After One Month Wait

Houston-The identical triplets are all set to go home and enjoy their lives with mom n dad. Parents of Texas triplets are completing their preparations to welcome these amazing babies to their little home. These three baby girls were born at the Houston hospital almost a month ago. The parents of these triplets were still unable to control their emotions even after the passage of one month. These three beautiful babies have been named by their parents as Savannah, Addison and Kinsley.

“Just triple of everything,” claimed Stephanie Harris, the mom. “They sit there. They make the same noises. They do the same thing. They have their own language.”

The dad, Brad Harris claims that he is mentally prepared to handle his three daughters but he still feels outnumbered.

When the couple went for an ultrasound during the pregnancy, the doctor revealed that they will be having twins. “And they were in the same placenta, and so she automatically knew that they were going to be identical,” says mom, Stephanie Harris.

Rare Houston Triplets

Stephanie further stated that when she went back for another ultrasound that was scheduled a few weeks later, the doctor shocked her by saying that she was pregnant with triplets.

Stephanie’s mother, who was with her at that appointment said “And when she said that there was a third, her arm went over her head and I’m saying, ‘It will be OK. It will be OK'”

The Rare Houston Triplets shared the birth date of 1st of December, 2015. The triplets weighed almost three pounds at the birth time and were born almost ten weeks before the expected due date. The confused parents have decided to adopt the color coded strategy to tell their daughters apart.

“We got ankle bracelets, and we’re going to color coordinate them,” said the mom. “Hopefully, we don’t get them mixed up.”

Although these triplets are rare due to the fact that they shared the same placenta and are identical but it turns out that they are not the only case on earth. Around four other cases of identical triplets were witnessed on different previous occasions in the areas of Maryland, Montana, New York, and Pennsylvania.

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