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Relationship Advice To Keep Your Man’s Attention

You should always be yourself when it comes to relationships because a facade is not easy to maintain. Yet, you must make your man feel the necessity of your presence and this is a best relationship advice, something that he should not be able to move on without. Get on your guy’s good side by doing the following:

Speak his language:

Not all men are men of words and yet some would want you to spin the wheel with words of affirmation. You can show your love through fixing his favorite dinner but if he wants to “hear” something then let him. You can give and receive gifts, respond to physical touch and sometimes even initiate the touch. Men like women to be creative and expressive when it comes to physical attention.

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Every relationship needs space. Remember the time when you didn’t like your parents keeping an eye on you all the time and you sought some freedom outside the home. Same is the case with men and women. Spend some alone time pursuing your own hobbies and let the man do the same. There will be few things that you might not share an interest in so do not force each other to let go of those things. Instead find a way to do them separately with friends or acquaintances.

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Don’t be his mother:

You don’t want to be his mother (but you should get along with her) so stop nagging him about everything that you want to get done. Ask politely once and firmly twice. Let him have the feeling that he is helping you rather than pressing him to do something out of compulsion.

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Respect your differences:

Men and women are different in every way. That is how nature has done its job so accept it. Don’t expect men to be neat and pristine like women. Don’t think they will spend an hour styling their hair or clean their nails every week. If you can’t learn to like his habits then you must learn to tolerate them. Believe it that if a man starts acting exactly the way you want: you will be “bored” with life and relationships.


If you bet your eyelashes the first time you meet; always do it!

Do not present yourself as the vigorous and sexy woman that you are not. It is good to be who you are and let your man adjust around that. If you look good before marriage and then stop caring about yourself after the wedding, it is going to turn him off. If that is what made him like you in the first place, try to maintain at least an ounce of it.

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Your work doesn’t stop once the man or woman is yours. In fact, keeping a marriage happy and intact is a hard job. Even the best marriages, like they had in our grandparents’ time, had a lot of hard work and compromise behind them. Learn to give a lot so that you feel good when you are receiving some (even if it’s forcefully done!)

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