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Relationship Ending Texts – She Sent This To Him.. His Response?

You must keep in mind that if you are in a relationship with an extremely intelligent girl then you must definitely think before you leap. There are many boys who just blurt their mind out in front of their girlfriends and later on they regret this blurting. Few days back a boy broke up with his girlfriend thinking that she is not good enough for him. He texted her saying that he is breaking up with her but in response she sent him her hottest and sexiest selfie (after accepting his breakup). The boy has been regretting this breakup ever since and is cursing himself most of the time because he was not able to keep his big fat mouth shut. This is the reason the relationship experts emphasize on the use of mind and control of tongue during a relationship.

Second thing that most of the youngsters underestimate is to maintain the presence of mind in order to maintain a relationship.If you are in relation with three or four boyfriends at the same time then you must keep your mind present so as not to confuse them with one another. Confusing one boyfriend with another might lead to some serious relationship issues and you won’t able to maintain healthy relation with all four of your boyfriends. You might be thinking that why is there the need to bear four boyfriends at the same time when you can live happily with a single one? Well it totally depends on the appetite and strength of a girl. If she can keep four boyfriends happy at the same time then she has the right to keep more than one. Same goes for men, if they can keep four independent girlfriends at same time without confusing them with one another, then they should go for it. The more the merrier!

Maintaining a relationship is not an easy task. One has to do proper planning and devise foolproof strategies and above all one has to remain alert in order to avoid any sort of disaster.

So here is has to be decided that why you are going to have breakup with your partner, choose a valid reason for breakup otherwise you will be only  responsible!

A typo can create a mess between you two.

Shit, that was not you 🙁

He got me wrong but her prophecy was right after reading the text.

Breakup was never been so easier.

Sometimes, you she cant even be able to listen your shit of breakup as unbelievable it could be to her.


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