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Russian Stylist Performs Magical Transformations On These Common-Looking Women!

Cosmetic industry has entered the stage of advancement after passing through many evolutions. We see many celebrities changing their looks with the help of cosmetic surgery but one can’t believe that how many changes can be brought with the help of simple cosmetics. Most of the people think that change of personality brought with the help of cosmetics seems like artificial change, but this Russian Stylist made some realistic and magical changes in the personalities of some common women. Konstantin Bogomolov, who is a Russian image-creator and a stylist, brought changes to the lives of different women by changing their looks.

russian stylist makeovers women

Bogomolov spent a little time with each of these women and helped them made a difference in their lives by crafting new images for their personalities. The images he created of these women are not just a single day image; they are basically for-life change. According to the stylist Bogomolov, the images of these women were crafted after he deeply studied their personalities and their professional requirements. He is of the opinion that each woman is beautiful so she deserves the best look. Here are the old and newly crafted images of these women; you will be amazed to see the beauty in the new ones.


This conversion didn’t required more of a make-up application; instead it was a personality conversion. The only thing that remained same is the smile of this mature and powerful lady along with the special glimmer in her eyes. Konstantin not only changed her hairstyle, her hair-color but her entire personality. Marina seems more dynamic and more powerful after the change.

Marina russian stylist makeovers women


It seems that even a little bit of change in your personality can make a huge difference. All Bogomolov did was provided a new hair look to Valentina along with a new dress and bingo! She looks stunning.

Valentina russian stylist makeovers women


Wearing perfectly fitting clothes can work wonders for your personality. Just check the before and after look of Inna and you will be surprised to notice the glamour and feminity in her “after-the-change” look.

Inna russian stylist makeovers women


See how Gulnur looks like a common next-door girl in her casual jeans. Well wait till you see her “after” look. Bogomolov has completely changed her into a passionate and career-oriented woman. She seems strong, ferocious and power-thirsty.

Gulnur russian stylist makeovers women


The smile on her face after facing the change is totally going to melt your heart.

Tatjana russian stylist makeovers women


With more stylish dress and a new hairdo, Bogomolov has made Alina look like she was 10 years back.

Alina russian stylist makeovers women


Nothing but a wild looking hairdo and this woman looks totally WOW!

Natalia russian stylist makeovers women


Who says red lipsticks don’t look good? See how Bogomolov changed Jurgita’s personality by applying a shade of red on her lips and providing her with a shorter hairstyle.



A suited-up looks much more powerful and much more in-command of her life than the woman in a simple-looking dress.

Margarita russian stylist makeovers women


The personality change in Oksana really did prove that make-up does possess the power to change our lives and shape our futures.

Oksana russian stylist makeovers women


Just a stylish and shorter haircut and look how different Elena looks now!



Bogomolov just added color to Marita’s hair and a belt to her waist. See how gorgeous she looks?

Marita russian stylist makeovers women


Last but not the least!

Maria russian stylist makeovers women

Maria is definitely another great example of how a simple change in the makeover can have a huge impact on the personality.

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