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Smoking And Pregnancy, Effects & Harms

When there is a discussion about smoking, it is always stated that it is injurious to health as printed on every pack of cigarette. Unfortunately, some women are so addicted that they even smoke during the phase of pregnancy inspite of knowing its hazards. Cigarette contains nicotine, carbon mono oxide and numerous life taking chemicals. In pregnancy, smoking causes all these chemicals to go straight to your baby through the bloodstream that is the only source of oxygen and nutrient for the baby. It badly affects the blood stream by narrowing it, hence making difficult to breathe for your baby. Smoking and pregnancy can’t fly together.

Most of the people have this misconception that smoking fewer cigarettes than a full pack or smoking occasionally is not dangerous enough. Actually, first few doses of nicotine make so much addiction that it becomes difficult to quit smoking.

Second smoking:

Second smoking means breathing the smoke exhausted by active smokers. Therefore, for pregnant women second smoking also affects the baby in the same way as active smoking. Pregnant women should also avoid the company of smokers.

Smoking and pregnancy

Smoking effects on fertility:

Smoking and pregnancy have no match. Women wishing to be pregnant have to be responsible and well known about the smoking effects on fertility. Smoking causes the fertilized egg released by the ovary to pass the uterus and entering the fallopian tube, hence increasing the chances of miscarriage.

There are following smoking effects in pregnancy:

  • Lung problems

Smoking limits the oxygen supply to the developing fetus by narrowing the blood stream. In some cases, the newborn babies of smoking women need respiratory assistance for breathing for several days. And there is also a threat to the baby to fall prey to asthma in the future.

Lung problems

  • Increased heart rate

Underdeveloped babies of smoking women usually have increased heart rate. In addition, the babies may face defects like blockage of blood supply from right side of the heart and in opening the upper heart chambers. After birth, they may be kept under medical observation due to heart related complexities.

Increased heart rate

  • Placenta problems

Smoking makes women internally very weak. During pregnancy, smoking causes placenta to break itself from the womb at early stages and bleeding starts, hence increase chances of miscarriage or premature delivery can happen in some cases.

Placenta problems

  • Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

SIDS is a medical term used for an unexpected death of the child in less than one year. In this case, the death of the child occurs during sleep with no struggle and noise. No reason of death is found in this case. In addition, there are three times more chances of SIDS of babies of smoking women than those who do not smoke.

  • Brain disorders

Smoking pregnant women don’t only put their baby’s life at risk, but their future too. Babies of smoking mothers have normally less IQ level as compared to others. Some cases also show that smoking is responsible for mental disorders and physical abnormalities.

Brain disorders


Smoking women should at least think about their baby before smoking because now another life is linked with them too. Baby’s life should not be compromised just for a short-term pleasure.

  • Speeches and seminars should be conducted to enhance awareness about smoking. It is hard to quit smoking, but not impossible.
  • Nowadays rehabilitation centres also provide services to help highly addicted smoker to quit smoking by doing their mental and behavioural therapy.

More you smoke, the more you are exposing you and your baby to health risk problems.

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