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Stomach Upset Remedies With Herbs

Stomach ache is included in one of the worst pains of the body. If you are also suffering from the stomach ache, then there can be many reasons which could be the cause of this pain. It can be due to any kind of stomach infection, stomach flu, and ulcer in the intestines, heartburn or indigestion. It can also be caused by nauseous due to the food poisoning or pregnancy. There can also be stomach cramps when one suffers from the digestive or intestinal issues.

Different kinds of treatments can be prescribed by the doctors, who include medications and also changes in the life style of the people. There are also herbal medicines which should be considered in the good sense. The use of herbs in order to get rid of the stomach ache is really effective. But firstly, you have to get rid of the stomach pain by accessing the stomach upset remedies with herbs or supplement which can cause relieve to the pain.

Herbs used to treat upset stomach:

  1. Heartburn can be cured by dandelion and chicory:

Several methods are used in order to take use from the herb. This is a very crucial herb for the treatment of heartburn. After using this for a few weeks, heat burn no doubt will be subsided and you will not be needed any kind of further treatment.

stomach upset remedies

Method of using:

  • First collect some dandelion greens and chicory from any store.
  • Make a salad and toss these into the salad bar.
  • You can also cook dandelion root and simply eat it.
  • You can also use this herb in the hot coffee or tea.
  • Dandelion flowers can be used in a wine or in a tonic for treatment.
  1. For intestinal problems, ginger can act as a cure:

Fresh ginger is considered as one of the most effective herbs for the treatment of stomach and intestinal problems. It can be used in a very easy manner. You have just to add small amount of fresh ginger in the hot water. It is preferred to use fresh ginger; otherwise powered ginger can be used in the tea for the treatment purpose.

stomach remedies

  1. For the healthy intestinal tract, use acidophilus:

This herb is indispensible for the healthy intestine track. It is sold in capsules which are used for the quick relief of pain due to the gas and stomach pains.


  1. Peppermint can be used for stomach issues:

Peppermint is useful for the relief in the pain of stomach, digestive track and intestines. Peppermint tea can be very effective for any kind of upset in the stomach.


  1. For stomach ulcers, Aloe Vera and licorice are best:

When someone suffers from the stomach ulcer, he/she should try whole leaves of aloe Vera plants in the drinking herbal juices. Aloe Vera in fact creates a very soothing effect and acts as a best cure for the stomach ulcer. Licorice root tea is also considered very effective for the healing wounds of peptic ulcers. These herbs are also effective for the cure of high blood pressures.

Aloe Vera and licorice

Take advice from your doctor:

These are a number of home remedies, one thing should be kept in mind that if you suffer from severe attacks of pain don’t forget visiting the doctor and take the medicines or herbs after the golden advice of your doctor.

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