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Taking Care Of Healthy Diet Plan During Pregnancy

Diet plays a very important role during pregnancy as the baby gets feed from the same diet. If you are pregnant and looking for the ways through which you can maintain your pregnancy, then you must acknowledge the importance of your diet. Never forget that a healthy diet plan during pregnancy will help you in throughout your all pregnancy and maintaining your pregnancy as well. You will read here that how to take care of your diet during pregnancy.

Though there are many food items and minerals that must be included in your diet, and you will read here about most important things that you must intake during pregnancy. In this regard, fiber is the most important thing that you must intake with your diet. It will also keep you away from gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Getting Folic:

There are many fruits and vegetables that contain carbohydrates which can also prevent you from getting gestational diabetes. The whole grains and legumes are other sources for getting fiber. Folic acid is another most required item that must be included in your diet. The best source of folic acid is the vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin B like Kale, spinach, whole grains and orange juice. You must intake at least 0.4 milligram of folic acid in your regular diet. It will keep your children away from many birth defects during pregnancy. You should take it even before becoming pregnant because most of the birth defects occur during the first four weeks of pregnancy.

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You can use various vegetables and fruits for getting folic acid but you should not overcook your food for the best results. Calcium must also be included in your food during pregnancy because it is essential for developing strong teeth and bones. As written above, the food you take feed your child. Thus, you need to take calcium as your child needs it for developing his bones. The lack of calcium can become a big cause of osteoporosis in which bones become very fragile, weak, curved spine. It can lead to bone fracture in your body or your child might have low height. The best sources of calcium are milk, baked beans, collard greens, oranges, cheese, yogurt and tofu.


Iron is also considered as the essential part of a balanced-diet for pregnant women. Because, iron manufactures red cells in the blood that carry oxygen in the entire body, and it is also an essential for a health immune system. If you don’t take it properly then low amount of iron can become a cause for anemia. To intake sufficient amount of iron, you should eat fish, eggs, meat, fortified grains and dried beans. It is recommended that during pregnancy you must intake at least 30 milligrams of iron in your daily food.

Other essentials include zinc, unsaturated fat and water. Zinc is also considered as very important for pregnant women and its lower amount can lead to spontaneous abortion. It also develops fetus and embryo, thus this supplement must not be ignored at any cost.

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